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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Get Rejected

“If you aren’t getting rejected on a daily basis then your goals aren’t ambitious enough,” said Chris Dixon. 

 “Rejection” this word has its own negativity yet holds the strongest power ever. I hope my reader is all set to get rejected because that’s how you understand in your work, where the loopholes exist. 

If you are a digital marketer and have done Facebook ads ever, you may have faced ads rejection for at least once or twice. If you are one of them, then you might always have a question about why your Facebook ads got rejected.

Facebook has its own ad policy. If we run the ad against its policy it surely disapproves or rejects the ad/s.

Let’s discuss some top 7 reasons why your Facebook ads get rejected.

1. The Image/creative has heavy text.


Many advertisers write text on the image to display the benefits of the product. This makes the text look heavy. Facebook suggests only 20% text on the image or textless image for the advertisement.

Facebook analyzes the image into four tiers:

  • Image text: OK – Your advert will run normally (strongly recommended)
  • Image text: Low – Your advert’s reach may be slightly lower
  • Image text: Medium – Your advert’s reach may be much lower
  • Image text: High – Your advert may not run

facebook image overlay tool

Facebook counts numbers, logo text/alphabets as a text. 

Tip: If your image is out of green light then there is a crack that you can try to reduce the size of text, logo and other items on the image.

You can check your image/creatives here for the image text check.


2. Using capitalization in ad-copy


Many advertisers think that writing the ad copy in CAPITAL WORDS will attract customers. But this is not an effective way to attract the user’s attention. There are high chances for the rejection of the ad.

Tip: Use short form. Make the creative in such a manner it itself says 100’s of words.


3. Advertising banned topic in ads


Facebook never allows any marketer to promote banned products on Facebook. This is against its ad policy. Some of the banned topics are mentioned below:

  • Tobacco products
  • MLM Business
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Vulgar words in ad copy and description
  • Adult product
  • Penny Auctions, etc.

So, make sure you don’t make ads on banned topics. Facebook will reject that kind of ads and the ad account may also get banned.


4. Using images that target any body part.


For example, some advertisers make the ads on itchy cream and try to advertise the images where the person is itching on his specific body part. These kinds of images are rejected by Facebook. To avoid such rejections, make sure not to use images that target any body part. 


5. Using Irrelevant Landing Page URL


You have to use the actual landing page URL in the ads. Some advertisers think that they can make fools of the Facebook algorithm by using the irrelevant landing page. But Facebook is smart enough to figure out these foolish tricks easily. If the advertisers will use completely different landing pages that are not relevant to the ad, Facebook will reject that ad. So, the landing page should be relevant to the ad. 

For example: Suppose an advertiser is doing ads for any fitness gym where its landing page URL is let say ‘’ but he is using the dating website URL let say ‘’ in their landing page section. The Facebook algorithm will notice this thing and reject the ad. This may also further ban the ad accounts. So always use the appropriate landing page URL in the ad.


6. Using bad words.

Facebook reads all the words in the ad copy, headline, description and even written on the images.  If anyone writes abusive language in the ad copies, Facebook immediately rejects the ad and in these cases, there is a very high risk that Facebook can reject the ad account and even business manager. So avoid any kind of abuse and bad words in copies.


7. Using irrelevant images in ads.

Sometimes advertisers use irrelevant images in their ads. 

For example, Someone is advertising wristwatches on Facebook and instead of a wristwatch image, they are displaying wall clock images. This can be counted as a mistake that may further cause you an ad rejection. Also, Facebook doesn’t allow advertising of any adult images. So, avoid these kinds of images to save the ads from rejection.


There are various other possible factors for ad rejection; instead of letting those factors overcome, it is better to follow the points (as stated above) to avoid rejections and make sure Facebook shall run successfully. 

There are various other factors too for ad rejection. But the above-said tips are basic tips that are important to keep in mind while making Facebook ads so that Facebook ads will run normally.

Before launching any Facebook ad, first, you will need to read the Facebook ad policy. Below is the link to Facebook Ad policy which includes the Dos and Don’ts along with the instructions. 

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