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How You Can Turn Your COLD Traffic into GOLD with Google Ads?

How to Turn Your COLD Traffic into GOLD with Google Ads

Do you want to increase the number of conversions for your Google Ads? If the answer is yes, GDN is the saviour for you, but many people have trouble making Google Display Network work for them, so I wanted to share a strategy working well for many of our eCommerce clients. Let’s elaborate on this proven strategy in detail.  

There’s a trick! You have to spend a lot of cold traffic to your online eCommerce PPC management and then warm it up and convert them.

The most common mistake most marketers make is catching the conversions with the cold traffic. The typical COLD Traffic conversion rates are around 1-2%, whereas you can get up to 60% and 70% conversion rates by remarketing.

Here are the Four Steps to Warm Up Your Traffic and Turn it into Customers

STEP 1: Send Cold Traffic to Amazing Content Pages

Show display ads to Cold traffic to send visitors to some awesome pre-sales content pages that give immediate practical value to your ideal customer.

Instead of sending cold traffic directly to a sales page where you offer something, you need to give VALUE to your customers. For example, you need to address their pain points or say you need to provide solutions to their problems. So, give some initial value to your Cold Traffic by directing them to some awesome content pages that offer value to your future customers.

In this way, you can build your relationship and trust by giving an amazing value and getting your cold audience to begin the process of liking and trusting you or your brand.

Ideally, your content will also spread awareness and knowledge of the issues and make your visitors aware that your solution to their problems exists.

Here is a sample for you:

Now, you can analyze the user behaviour on the pre-sales page and segment the audience based on session duration, bounce rate, etc. Use this audience later on and send them on your sales page.

STEP 2: Segment your Hot Traffic from your Warm Traffic

Some of your traffic may go from COLD to WARM and HOT very quickly, and be ready to buy, call, subscribe, signup, download, etc., it can happen within a few minutes to days after clicking on your ad.

There may be only 5% – 15% of your hot traffic, but if they’ve demonstrated that they’re interested, you can retarget them directly with a specific offer.

Most of the white label PPC management services won’t be ready to turn from cold to warm that fast, and you’ll need to warm them up. So, the best approach is to segment your audience!!!

Setup Your Hot audience in Google Ads/Google Analytics and retarget them

You can set up an audience directly into Google Ads or your Google Analytics account and use them in your display campaigns. Your Hot traffic would be the people who know your brand, done Add to carts, initiated checkouts, cart abandonment, etc. 

STEP 3: Show Offer Ads to Your Hot traffic to Power Up Your Funnel

You can target your hot traffic by showing them customized ads with special offers such as 10 to 20% discount offers, etc.

You can also launch a Dynamic Remarketing campaign which will work as per the interaction of visitors with your product pages.

STEP 4: Show Value Ads to Warm Traffic to Build More Value & Trust

Your cold traffic will need more value and time before they are ready to make a purchase. For example, it could be 80% – 90% of your traffic. So, you need to retarget your warm traffic with more value.

To give value, you need to show your testimonials, social proofs, etc. and build a relationship with them through different ad creatives such as images and videos.

In a nutshell, firstly, you have to bring relevant cold traffic to your website/eCommerce store, warm it up by giving value and then retarget it.

So, you can scale your conversions in Google Ads if you can target hot, warm, and cold audiences effectively with the Display network, too, apart from utilizing Search and Shopping. All you have to do is segment the traffic, use different creatives and landing pages accordingly and remarket them to ascend your sales funnel.

You can utilize the Discovery Ads as well by using this similar strategy but with different creatives. Want to know more about it? Let me know in the comments section, and I’ll share the complete strategy with you!

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