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Types of Content for eCommerce Websites

If you ever think of searching an example for quality over quantity, no example other than SEO can beat it! 

SEO is not just about driving traffic, making it attractive, etc. The foundation of SEO is its content. 

It further leads to the core point, the content shouldn’t be just some information, it should be having quality content and should reach the targeted audience. 

Nowadays, numbers of eCommerce businesses pay for promotions, advertisements, email marketing, social media, and various other platforms. 

Undoubtedly, these are topmost productive platforms to enhance the business but would these platforms carry the same value if they don’t deliver powerful content in context to its targeted audience?

In the end, it’s all about the level of relevancy that your content carries with respect to the targeted audience. 

Whilst, what would be the best content type to formulate into a perfect SEO content? Well, there are many but it is important to know which are the leading ones; as listed you can find them below:

1.Video Content

There is a reason why this factor is leading amongst all. Well, the fact is that there is not just one reason but there are numbers of them. 

Social Platforms such as Youtube are considered by the majority of the audience especially when it is about gaining knowledge and entertainment. 

According to a survey, videos on Facebook are watched around 100 million hours per day. 

Explaining your product by showing it in the video attracts the viewer from a realistic point of view. Listening to the audio which is about the product gives them more clarity about it, this sort of demonstration is the golden key to make your product/service attractive to thousands and millions of people at the same time.

 It works like magic in terms of the sale of a product. Like it is done in most of the videos that product is seen, used or tested with its description during the video it works like wonders! It makes the potential or interested viewer make a personal connection with the product when they can see it being used.

Pro Tip:

Try to make your video more about these three categories; Product videos, how-to or DIY videos, and emotional videos. 

Content-based on such categories will most likely attract viewers more than you’ve been expecting. 


2. Create Custom Images 

Image is the reflection of the product or service you are offering to the audience. Images play a very significant role as a graphic description of the product. 

Ecommerce business is all about selling products. The introduction of the products by the means of Images tends to have a very strong influence. If you’re planning to promote your products, launching a campaign, or plan to gain attention on social media, putting up the images about the product or service will bring forth more clarity to the audience. 

Make sure you are putting up the images which depict your brand. Be very selective about the images that you select for your product, as the same shall be used via email-marketing, landing pages, and social media posts. 


3. Blog Posts


Written content plays a very significant role in the E-commerce market despite other digital factors. Written content has its own importance from an introduction to the description of the product.

Above all, this is one of the most cost-effective factors as a way to drive traffic to your website. A blog offers information for consumers at all stages of the buyer’s journey to purchase the product. 

Proper blog content will help you to build your brand image, showcase what your brand deals in and posting content that can be further shared on social media. 

4. Customer Review

Customer reviews hold one of the biggest advantages that is to influence other customers. Reviews have the power to gain customer’s interest and create an urge amongst the customers to interact with the company. 

Statistics show that the majority of online shoppers consider reviews to judge the product from a realistic point of view. 

This also gives the company an opportunity to interact with them, which builds emotional connection; this has remarked to create 23% of the revenue for the business as per research. 


 We have shared the top 4 content strategies with which you can boost up your eCommerce marketing strategy. 

It is important to acknowledge the fact that the content needs to be relevant as per your customer’s interest. This is how it will help you to engage the audience. Comparatively, it will help you to have more ROI than traditional advertising.

The strategies mentioned are based on the experiences of our experts. We are quite hopeful that the same shall be progressive for you.

We would love to hear about which one of these worked out the best for you. Feel free to let us know! 

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