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What is a Smart Display Campaign & How It Works?

Smart Display Campaign

What is Smart Display Marketing?

Smart Display Marketing is often considered a glimpse into the longer term of marketing because it uses cutting-edge technologies developed by Google.

At its core, Smart Display Marketing is all about AI and marketing automation. The basic idea for this  concept is to automate things like bidding, targeting and ad creation.

Marketers can significantly reduce the time which they spend in creating and optimising Google Ads  campaigns with smart display marketing because it requires a minimum amount of your time to manage and delivers superior returns on investment because of Google’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) and algorithms.

Let’s discuss how targeting, bidding & creatives are automated using Google smart display campaigns.

How Does it Work?

Smart Display advertising uses marketing automation to scale back the quantity of your time you want to spend in optimising your campaign, as now Google’s algorithms and AI will optimise your Google Ads campaign for you.

Google Ads Smart Display campaigns automate Bidding, Targeting, and an ingenious portion of ads which essentially includes your ad copy, images, and call to actions etc.

smart display campaign

Automatic Bidding

Unlike normal display ads, Smart Display ads work backwards therein you don’t need to set a bid for your advertising campaign within the beginning.

Instead, you provide Google Ads the CPA or cost per action which you’d wish to achieve and Google Ads itself decides a perfect bid amount for your ads after considering all the factors.

Smart Display ads use a special sort of automatic bidding which is understood as target CPA bidding. All you would like to try to do is to offer the Google Ads a target CPA and Google Ads algorithm will bid to support the info .

So, it’ll bid aggressively when data suggests that there’s an opportunity of high conversion and can bid for a lower amount as data suggests that chances of a conversion are low.

Now the question arises how data can be used by the algorithm to automatically place bids? 

Google Ads considers several factors when calculating the perfect bid cost like if a user has visited your website, their online behaviour, which websites they have visited within the past and what they’re curious about .

Although, a note of caution here is that Google Ads may bid quite high and low and you should know Google can bid as high as $100 or as low as $0.50 per click as per the current scenario in Google ads action.

But in the end, high and low bids will cancel one another , and your overall conversion cost is going to be adequate to or almost your target CPA.

Automatic Targeting

Smart Display campaigns use an identical automated approach when it involves targeting and using data from your previous campaigns alongside several other bits and pieces of data to focus on users who are presumably to convert.

Google Ads will automatically remarket to users who have visited your site within the past using the simplest bids and ads which are likely to convert. The best idea of automatic targeting is to catch visitors in mid-funnel once they haven’t decided between you and your competitor.

Google responsive display ads

Google Ads also consider the correlation between your main keyword and the other associated keyword when targeting these visitors.For example, you sell automobile insurance and Google’s algorithm determines that people who are looking to shop for a replacement car also look for automobile insurance quotes.

So, Google Ads will automatically target users who are checking out new car prices as these are far more likely to wish for automobile insurance which you’re selling.

Automatic Creative

Another salient feature of Smart Display Campaigns is that the ability to automate the ad creation process.

Google Ads AI will use different parameters of ad creation like headlines, images, ad copy and call to actions which is provided by you to make an ad which Google believes will have a good chance of getting conversions.

Google Ads will ask you for creative assets which can be combined for creating an ad once you create your first smart display campaign.

Another advantage is that the incontrovertible fact that Google Ads will itself test several combinations of the creative assets provided by you and choose the results which image works with which headline.

So, furthermore you may not have to worry about A/B testing here as smart display ads will do that for you.

How Can You Take Advantage?

You need lots of time and energy which you are currently spending on optimizing your campaigns as Google can do that for you if you opt to use Google Ads smart display campaigns. The better part is that you can simply structure a campaign around a target CPA which suits you.

Google’s algorithm will utilize information gleaned from the tremendous amount of knowledge collected by it to make a decision on the way to best use your money for driving visitors to your site.

A Smart Display Campaign, unlike a traditional display one, requires little maintenance and therefore the whole process is automated because of the Google Ads algorithm, AI and Machine learning.

Google responsive display ads

You will find that your conversions become better with time as machine learning allows Google Ads to find out from its mistakes and it uses the info gathered to use even better ads and targeting.


Smart Display campaigns are a  simple solution to managing various elements like bidding, targeting and ads creatives. Its automated features will broaden your customers and increase the conversions by reaching customers in various stages of the buying cycle.

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