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What Is Performance Reach In Google Ads?

Performance Reach in Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly known as Adwords, is probably one of the most successful methods to drive qualified traffic to your business whenever they are looking for acquiring products or services.

It allows you to make and offer all coordinated ads through which your business will appear on the search results page when your optimal clients are searching for items and services like yours through Google Search or Google Maps. This is how you reach your intended audience when it makes sense for them to come across your ads.

Google Ads will help you analyze and make required changes in your ads to reach more people to help you achieve all your business goals.

What is Ad Reach

The estimated number of people in a targeted area is known as Ad Reach. It is calculated by the number of signed-in users. You are provided with an estimated number of people that will see your ad in a given area.

Audience setup

You can use those estimates to choose whether you’ve focused on the correct regions, or if you should choose different areas that may benefit you.

Note that the reach will only help you in giving an estimate number about how many people could potentially see your ads. It would not help you in estimating the number of impressions your ad will receive.

Ad Reach depends on an estimated number of individuals seen on Google properties (properties that are linked to Google in any way) inside the predetermined geographic territory.

Consequently, you may find that reach numbers in Google Ads may have a difference from time-to-time. It is mostly due to the factors that include:

  • Total number of Google accounts used per individual
  • Total number of temporary visitors to a specific location
  • How much time each user has been spending on a website

Types of Ad Reach

The purpose for analyzing your reach and frequency data is to give a better understanding of the number of times your ads were shown to people for Display and Video campaigns.

Unique Reach and Cookie-based Reach are the two reach metrics that are used to help you with providing a clear image of how you are meeting your reach goals.

Unique reach metrics measure the total number of individuals who were indicated an ad. These metrics go past fundamental cookie measurements to assist you with understanding how frequently people were shown your ads across various gadgets, formats, etc.

Google ads

You can also view cookie-based reach metrics along-with the unique reach metrics. Cookies provide us with estimated reach due to the fact that they are able to distinguish between different web browsers. A number of cookies are counted by Google Ads have been served an ad or recorded a click on an ad to calculate cookie-based reach.


Ad Reach in Google Ads is an important metric that will help you determine the audience that is most likely to see your ads. The estimated figures of the total number of people in a selected geographic area are provided by ad reach.

This enables you to have a rough idea of your ad impressions. In the coming few days Google Ads will completely replace cookie-based reach with unique reach as the primary method for ad reach measurement.

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