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What’s The Secret To Successful Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads

For a successful eCommerce account, there is a need for a secret sauce of successful shopping campaign strategy. This is because Shopping campaigns play a vital role in e-commerce Google ad accounts with the budget allocation of above 60% of the account budget. 

Firstly let’s understand what is a Google shopping Ads?

Google shopping ad platform is like a product comparison platform where buyers can compare the price of products from different retailers.

It is also known as Product listing ads (PLA). With Google Shopping ads, retailers can showcase their product with their product price and photo. 

With Google shopping ads advertisers can also add a promotion, star rating, and more to increase conversions.

You might also know that Google Shopping Ads show up before paid search and organic listings and you can also see shopping ads on the right side of SERP. 

One of the major differences against Google Display and Search Ads as compared with shopping ads is that there’s no keyword bidding.

It doesn’t mean that there is no bidding at all because Instead of ranking for keywords, bids are set on a product group level.

For shopping ads, you need to submit your product feed in Google merchant center and each product feed plays a different role for each ad. 

It’s important to follow the successful strategy for Google shopping ads because you can’t fly your campaign with a half-cocked or prepared strategy.

Let’s Follow our 8 strategies for Google Shopping success:

As we already said that Google shopping ads account for 60% of the budget share and its overtaking search ads in the USA. So it’s important to have a high-performance Google Shopping campaign for every eCommerce store. 

Now take a look at our 8 advanced optimization strategies for Google Shopping campaigns to the next level.

1. Segmentation by user Intention

In Google Shopping, it is common to find that branded searches perform differently from non branded searchers.

To maximize performance, it is best to create two different campaigns to capture each and add the branded terms as negative keywords in one campaign to channel all of the branded searchers into the other.

You can then bid higher for your best performing queries.

2. Segment traffic by designers vs generics

Segment your shopping campaigns by specificity Of search queries. Use campaign priorities and negatives to allocate traffic. Bid higher for your best queries.

3. Keep Your Pricing Competitive

Keeping your pricing competitive is critical to success with Google Shopping. Our data below clearly shows that more competitively priced products generate significantly more clicks and conversions.

Cheap products generated much more traffic despite similar products in both groups.

4. Test Bids Extensively

We have found that bidding is much more volatile on Google ad platform and much more volatile on Google Shopping compared to Google Search. So it is a smart idea to test your bids extensively.

5. Add Keywords to Your Product Title

Product titles are one of the most important parts of your product feed. To optimize it, you should include your keywords within your product title. This way, you will generate more impressions for that keyword.

6. Segment by Product ID

Different products have different profit margins and costs so to maximize the performance you want to set different bids for each different product.

To do this you should segment your Google Shopping feed by individual product ID.

7. Segment by Hour of the Day

The performance of Google Shopping ads will vary considerably by an hour of the day and day of the week.

To maximize your performance, you should look to change bids 24 times per day using a bidding script to increase bids at high-performance times and decrease them at poor-performing times.

8. Add RLSA to Your Shopping Campaigns

People who have previously visited your website are considerably more likely to convert into a paying customer.

So it is a smart idea to use remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) to increase bids and show your Google Shopping ads to them more often.


We have mentioned that for all eCommerce stores, Google Shopping ads play an important role to scale the business sale. So all e-commerce stores should run Google shopping ads. 

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