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8 Reasons Why You Need a White Label Digital Marketing Agency

Do you want to boost up your sales? Or need a white label digital marketing agency for your firm or new startup? But before you answer, you need to know what white labeling is. White labeling is the process of selling the products or the services of a developer, under your brand name, to a client. This whole process is also called rebranding or re-selling.

So how does it correlate with digital marketing? In digital marketing, this term is often used as most of the digital marketing agencies purchase services or software from other companies. Then they sell them to their clients using their own brand name.  This process is called white label digital marketing.

In the digital marketing SEO services (SEO reseller), Email marketing, White label PPC management, Content development, and reputation management are some of the services which are re-sold. Before moving forward, let me answer the following question which might have popped in your mind right after reading the above lines.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, the methodology used to increase a website’s natural or organic traffic by edited its design and content. This includes building backlinks and a growing presence on social media.

Now let me explain what it really is. Assume there is a web development company, say ‘Z’ company, who is an expert at developing some really great websites. However, their client now needs an SEO campaign for his newly launched e-commerce store. But the ‘Z’ company is not expertise in handling and managing SEO campaigns here comes another company calls it ‘Y’ company who is a complete white label digital marketing company. ‘Z’ company will now form an agreement ‘Y’ company to fulfill their needs under their brand name. 

What is white label PPC?

White Label PPC is a B2B digital advertising service that companies can sell under their brand name or in simple words, White label PPC refers to executing the Pay per click campaigns for “A” company (Client) using “B”(Small Digital Marketing Agency) company’s name using “C” (Complete White Label Marketing Company)   company’s resources.

What is the difference between Outsourcing & White label marketing agency?

There are 3 types of options you have when you are increasing your portfolio of services:-

Hiring experts for your team is not the right choice if your company is in its initial stage. Besides, hiring local talent is very hard. It is a long process, and after training of several months, they can even quit the job.

Freelancers are the ones who can be used to go but they are not truly reliable. Quality & Cost may also vary. Overseas hiring freelancers conflicts with timezone and there are language barriers also.

White label agencies have some limitations but they add quite some scalability to your team. All work will be done under your brand by top industry experts. White label agency partnership is highly reliable with great ROI. 

Now here comes the question of why you need a White label marketing agency? Here are 8 reasons for the same.

1. Save Time and Money

You may be familiar and keen to know the digital marketing world, but this approach needs loads of human resources as well as great knowledge of executing the marketing campaigns.

Also, there is no guarantee that you will hit the right audience with your planning and campaigning. This will not only increase your ROAS but also waste your time.

On the contrary, outsourcing your digital marketing campaign to a white label marketing agency will not only save your time but will also save your money. 

For any campaign, you need an in-house content writer and Digital Marketing Executive. On glassdoor average salary of a Content Writer is $49K and for Digital Marketing Executive, it is $60K. You can save all this money by outsourcing the campaign.

2. Concentrate on What You are Really Good At

Outsourcing your marketing & sales campaign will give you the time to concentrate on your business and make some improvements in the core business processes.

Start collecting feedback from your customers and improve the area where you need revisions.

3. Improved Brand Image

While you are building or rebuilding your brand’s image, the first thing is to ensure that you deliver on time. With a white label agency, all work will be done by experts from the industry and within time.

White label marketing agency will help you to increase your social media presence and thus building a great online reputation.

4. Increased Conversion Rate

The success of any advertising campaign relies on the conversion rate. Conversion rate is actually a phrase used in e-commerce, which means turning a website visitor into a paying customer. 

In paid advertising conversion rate is measured by dividing the number of conversion with the total ad interaction. 

For example, if your conversions for any campaign are 25 over 500 ad interaction. So your conversion rate is = conversions (50)÷ Total No. of Ad interactions(500) = 5%, which is a good number.

The Ideal Conversion Rate:

Conventional wisdom says the average conversion rates are between 2-5%, while 34% of digital marketers achieve 5-10% and only 10% achieve 10-15% conversion in the e-commerce industry. This varies for different niche websites.

If your sales are stuck in a 2-5% rate bucket then it’s time to change your traditional marketing agency with a complete white label marketing agency.

How will a White Label Marketing Agency Increase my Conversion Rate?

Increasing web sales, signups, selling memberships and form submission is user optimized process and this is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). There are various methods to increase conversion rates but it needs lots of data to study so that the optimization process can be initiated. Here are some commonly used methods :

Removing the Barriers

In our recent campaigns, we have analyzed that putting up barriers on the landing page is not a good idea. Don’t ask a visitor for too much information. Just go forward with the least inputs like name and email address only. Additional information can be collected when a user becomes a frequent buyer.

Retargeting for better CR

On average, more than 90% of visitor quits before the checkout.  These are the visitor who had shown the intent to buy but didn’t purchase. Retargeting these visitors, again and again, will increase your conversion rate 2-3X.

Eye-Catching Landing Page

If you are not getting a good conversion rate from your previous campaigns then the first thing any agency will do is a modification in your landing page. A great landing page not only betters the user experience but helps in increasing conversions.

These are some commonly used techniques to improve the conversion rates but this list is not so small. There are various other methods that are implemented after analyzing the reports and data.

5. Retain Your Clients

Digital marketing is a very broad industry a single company can not expertise in every service of digital marketing. While outsourcing some of the services to another agency will not only broaden your portfolio of services but you will have in-house experts for any needs of clients.

This will eventually help you to retain your clients as you will become one stop solution for all marketing needs.

6. Increase in Revenue Stream

An increase in the number of services in your portfolio will ultimately increase your revenue. It helps to build a new revenue stream. 

Now you are outsourcing all your additional services to a third firm. So there is no barrier in terms of infrastructure or human resources to increase the number of services.

7. Expand Your Team With no Overhead Cost

If you want to expand your digital marketing team with experts in the industry without spending a penny over infrastructure, a white label digital marketing agency will help you to achieve the same.

You will be able to add experts in various fields to your agency but they will remain outside of core company culture.

8. ROI Reports

Outsourcing will not give you the extra time but you will be able to monitor the ROI ( Return of investment) through the reports provided to you. Even more, you can also track and measure the goals through various analytics channels in realtime. This gives you a more BOSS! Feeling.

Why ROI Reports Matter Today?

How will you decide the success rate of your marketing campaign? By using the number of site visitors, page views or unique visitors? No! These figures were the success benchmarks 10 years ago.

ROI reports are a kind of proof of the success of an advertising campaign. And that’s why you’ll need them.

Final Words

Digital marketing is not a small term. It covers various niches under its name. If any agency has told you they are digital marketing experts, trust us they are lying. This field needs continuous learning and efforts every day to become a one-stop solution for all marketing needs.

If you want to scale up your marketing services without investing in infrastructure then white labeling services are the right option. 

But think twice before partnering with any white label agency if you make the right decision,  your brand reputation, client management is in the right hands.

Many of the businesses have partnered with ROI minds for white label marketing services, you can check out their success story here.

You can contact us and set up a free consultation for lower ROAS and higher ROI.

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