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Google Ads can change your business if done right. ROI Minds is not just an inbound SEO & Google ads marketing agency, it leads businesses to profits. We have designed our PPC Management services for small, medium, and large businesses to enhance their profits, revenues, and business.

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    Customised PPC Services to Match Your Business Marketing Objectives!

    Our campaign’s craft is based on the users’ customer journey and buying intent. Our ongoing PPC services include but are not limited to the following:

    Google Shopping Ads

    One of the best advertising methods for e-commerce stores. If you’re not able to harness the power of Google shopping ads, you simply leave more than 50% of your profits on the table. We were able to generate 3000% ROI for our clients through Google Shopping Ads.

    Google Search Ads

    95% of people run Google search ads in the wrong way. They don’t target them to specific users with specific offers. The best feature of Google Search ads is clear user intention. We use intent-based ad targeting to deliver high-quality conversions.

    Google Remarketing Ads

    Follow your website visitors everywhere through Google Remarketing Ads. Show the exact product or page they have visited on the website with a better offer and message. Drive 2X more revenue with Google remarketing campaigns. Let us know if you need help!

    Google Call-Only Ads

    More than 80% of traffic is from mobile devices, and if you use Google call-only ads, you get calls directly from the ad clicks without paying anything extra. We’ve been able to generate more than 1000 calls per month for our clients for a small ad budget.

    Youtube Ads

    Being the Number 2nd search engine, Youtube ads have a big role in improving the ROI of a successful marketing campaign. Be it the remarketing audience, awareness, or direct leads. Youtube ads aren’t just great for branding but direct advertising as well.

    Google Express

    It’s the latest edition of Google solutions for e-commerce stores. Google Express is said to be a competitor of Amazon. We have the expertise in optimizing Amazon accounts and would bring the same specialty to Google express as well. It’s a rival of Amazon.

    Local PPC Ads

    If your business depends on footfall, then Google local ads are the solution. Bring more foot traffic to your store directly from Google maps by showing ads at the right moment. Be it the call-only ads or direction ads, users will find you on the maps.

    Google Display Ads

    Google has the largest inventory of websites and apps to show display ads. Optimization of profitable traffic is a skill and art, and we do it on the day to day basis. Target the best audience with the available features like household income, interests, affinity, etc.

    performance max ads

    Performance Max Ads

    Performance Max's ability to run advertisements across the whole Google Network from a single campaign is one of its key selling advantages. Search, shopping, Gmail, YouTube, maps, discovery, and display are all included in this, and our team is an expert in it.

    Accelerate ROI with Profitable Google Ads

    On average, 80% of ad spend gets wasted. Let’s change that.

    The 80/20 rule may have been reversed for you if you run a small business: 80% of the things you spend time on, fuss over and spend money on only produce 20% of your results. We prevent that from happening. We make sure none of your advertising funds are wasted.

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    Proven PPC Process That Has Worked Again and Again for Our Clients!

    Our professionals at ROI Minds have PPC expertise in high-converting Google ads campaign strategies for lead generation and e-commerce accounts. The fundamental of our 99% client success rate is extensive market research, deep competitive analysis, high-end landing page optimization, and consistent Google AdWords account optimization.

    We take accountability for your PPC campaigns and work closely to deliver profitable results. At ROI Minds, we believe in numbers and don’t prompt the unrealistic goals and estimation of your campaign. Our team helps you scale systematically and profitability through controllable testing and experiments.

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    Our Google Ads Experts Worked for the Following Industries

    At ROI Minds, this is how we make a difference. We cut the fluff- things we do is done from a client’s perspective and are directly tied to enhancing your brand’s presence online. No fancy jargon, no mirrors or smoke, and no Secret sauce recipe. Our strategies are deeply rooted in data and analytics. Therefore, we have the expertise to actually showcase to you what’s working and what’s not!
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    eCommerce Brands

    eCommerce digital marketing and advertising are two of the fastest-growing industries today. As more businesses move online, they need to find more efficient ways to advertise their goods and services online. ROI Minds has worked with eCommerce DTC, Fashion, Cosmetics, Furniture, Jewelry, Home Decor, Health Supplements, and other similar industries.

    Health and Wellness​​ Icon

    Health and Wellness

    Health and Wellness practices are becoming very marketing-focused and competitive. They offer a nice variety of services and a high lifetime client value. And the best part is our team of experts has worked with Chiropractors, Dentists & Denturists, Gyms, Yoga Studios, Laser Eye Clinics, and other similar brands.

    Home Improvement​​​ Icon

    Home Improvement

    Do you have a home improvement business but cannot find a suitable digital marketing agency to work with? Well, worry not. We have worked with various home renovation companies, including HVAC, Pool services, Roofers, Painters, Plumbers, etc.

    Professional Services​​​ Icon

    Professional Services

    Another lucrative market where advertisers are willing to pay more per click is professional services. Additionally, a growing number of people start their search for Accounting Firms, Financial Planners, Funeral Homes, Law Offices, and Recruitment Firms online.

    Real Estate​​​​ Icon

    Real Estate

    Readers expect a high level of granular detail about the subject matter, which can occasionally be challenging for smaller publishers to provide. Real estate is a highly competitive and dynamic niche that requires careful navigation as it evolves quickly. Try high-paying keywords with little competition if you're new to this market. We have previously worked with Residential Construction Companies, Commercial Construction Companies, and Rental Properties.

    Small Businesses​​​​ Icon

    Small Businesses

    It’s harder to generate revenue with smaller businesses. However, our Google ads experts excel at providing amazing profits to Florists, Caterers, Event Planners, Private Investigators, Waste Management, and Dry Cleaners.

    Meet Your Google Ads Experts!

    ROI Minds Team

    Our team serves a distinctive clientele. Therefore, if you want more from your Google campaigns, get in touch with us right away. Your business will develop as quickly as you need it to with the support of our team of PPC experts.

    If you want more from your Pay Per Click investment, talk to us because we work with a diverse client base across various industry verticals. Don’t be shy; introduce yourself to your new team today! Your new team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

    More Sales, More Leads, & More Business!

    ROI Minds is a Google ads management agency that provides ROI-Driven Google Ads Management services aiming for a minimum of 300% ROI for your ad spend. We use unique & efficient Google ads strategies designed to run profitable campaigns. Our campaign structures are focused on granularity and segregation to segment and identify the top-performing items of the campaigns and then scale them.
    our work process

    Some Case Studies

    Fashion & Apparel Store


    $40K/month Revenue


    300% Growth in 3 Months


    Revenue Generated

    Sports Store


    $30K/month Revenue


    200% Growth in 3 Months


    Revenue Generated

    Beds upholstered headboard


    £25K/month Revenue


    500% Growth in 3 Months


    Revenue Generated



    $80K/month Revenue


    400% Growth in 3 Months


    Revenue Generated

    What Our Clients Say About Us:

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Google’s internet advertising network is known as Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords. The Google Display network enables companies to post advertisements on Google search results in pages and numerous other pages.

    We adopt a data-driven and results-focused approach to Google Ads, which enables us to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Because each client is unique, we are a specialized Google ads marketing agency emphasizing generating game-changing outcomes for our client’s businesses.

    We take the time to fully understand each client’s business in order to fully comprehend their offering and goals. We will give you actionable recommendations to crush your goals, whether they be maximizing sales or increasing lead volumes, by comprehending your business model and the competitive landscape.

    We are a full-scale digital marketing agency, and we help a business market their products/services online profitably. We use the latest strategies and techniques of PPC, SEO, Facebook Ads, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Landing Pages.

    At ROI Minds, we continuously monitor and test as often as the data permits. The goal and the data we have will determine how often we update the advertising. We will test out new ad text and various angles as we locate opportunities in ad relevancy and anticipated CTR. The frequency of ad rotations will depend on our budget and conversion volume as we prioritize data-driven decisions. We will talk about this on our weekly sync calls because every week will be different. Overall, we succeeded.

    Our budget and conversion volume will determine this. We begin by covering both Search categories with responsive search and extended text advertisements. From there, we will optimize rolling out fresh material and starting tests after establishing a baseline CTR and quality score.

    Businesses can market their brands, goods, or services with Google Ads with the aid of Google Ads firms. They may design advertisements and landing sites, manage campaigns, test and improve their ads, and monitor the effectiveness of their efforts. They could be compatible with Google Shopping ads, remarketing ads, display network ads, Google search ads, and more. Some Google Ads companies are authorized Google Partner companies.

    We have assisted companies in a variety of industries, including lead generation for B2B and B2C businesses, real estate, e-commerce, fashion, education, roofing, automobiles, and finance. We have collaborated with a wide range of businesses, including small and large ones like BMW and Isuzu.

    How much should we spend on Google Ads management? is one of the most often requested questions by potential clients.

    The reality is that the response to this question varies depending on a wide range of variables, including market competitiveness, the size of the company, the number of leads needed each month, the desired amount of sales, and so forth.

    When you contact our Google Ads agency, we can assist you in defining your monthly media budgets depending on your company’s goals and expansion strategies.

    We advise starting with a $3,000–$5,000/month test budget if you aren’t already spending or if your monthly spending is less than $5,000. We’ll be able to develop our campaign structure at that spending level without having to stretch our resources too thin. Within the first 6-8 weeks, we’ll also be able to gather enough conversion events to perform data-driven optimizations and create a baseline (depending on your product or service). If your monthly expenditure exceeds $5,000, we’ll start there and focus on streamlining your account structure. After that, we’ll concentrate on scaling to ensure that performance and traffic are unaffected.

    A qualified Google advertising agency can help you get the most out of your advertising budget, save you time, and boost the effectiveness of your campaigns. While you concentrate on other areas of your business, they have the knowledge and resources to use Google Ads to get substantial results.