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Want to Know if ROI Minds is Fake Or Real? (SCAM ALERT)🚨

ROI Minds - Fake OR Real

In today’s online world, where good and bad things happen, it’s essential to be careful. At ROI Minds, we want to tell you something significant. 

There’s a big problem happening right now—some tricky people are pretending to be us, but they’re not, and in return, ROI Minds has come to light for being real or fake. Please pay close attention because this is urgent. You must protect yourself from getting caught up in these scams.

Necessary Clarifications from ROI Minds

  • Solely India-Based:

ROI Minds proudly operates as an India-based company with no international branches or offices. Any assertion of overseas affiliations is a clear indicator of fraudulent activity.

Solely India-Based

Example: The information about our branches/offices shown in the screenshot below is false. Please don’t trust these messages.

  • No Communication Regarding Work-from-Home Opportunities:

Let’s be clear—we do not initiate contact, emails, or messages concerning work-from-home part-time job opportunities or online earning schemes. If you’ve received such communication, rest assured it’s not from us.

No Communication Regarding WFH

Example: You can observe how scammers attempt to present job opportunities using our name and a fake employee name. We don’t send messages or make calls about this. Please verify information about ROI Minds by checking our official website or contacting us using the details provided on our website.

  • WhatsApp Scams:

ROI Minds does not endorse or engage in WhatsApp messages about job offers or online earning opportunities. Approach any such messages with doubt.

How To Identify Scams In The Name Of ROI Minds

1. False Branch/Office Claims:

Any mention of additional branches or offices outside of our Indian base is a deceptive tactic employed by scammers. One needs to be careful while you question whether ROI Minds fake or real.

False Branch Office Claims

Example: We don’t send messages using any employee ID or provide tasks or samples to prove our authenticity. Before moving forward with any process, please verify such information.

2. Social Media Tasks In Our Name:

If you are offered a job through any social media account with the name ROI Minds or without a prior application, it indicates a potential scam.

Social Media Tasks In Our Name

Example: The screenshots below show that social media communication offers no particular tasks or work-from-home opportunities. Please exercise caution regarding such fraudulent activities.

3. Requests for Personal Information:

Legitimate companies avoid soliciting sensitive information upfront. Be wary if such requests are made. This makes people wonder if ROI Minds fake or real.

Common Scams

  • Phishing for Personal Information:

Scammers often pose as ROI Minds and attempt to extract personal details by masquerading as job applications or opportunities.

  • Advance Fee Fraud:

A prevalent scam involves requesting money upfront for a promised job or opportunity. It’s important to note that ROI Minds never demands fees for job applications.

Advance Fee Fraud

Example: Avoid falling for advance fees or money scams, as illustrated in the screenshots below. We do not request payments by any means or offer work or job opportunities to anyone, as the scammers in the provided screenshots demonstrate.

  • WhatsApp/ Telegram Job Offers:

Fraudsters exploit WhatsApp and Telegram to spread fake job offers to shed light on ROI Minds fake or real. Remember, we do not utilize these platforms for job-related communications.

Urgent Action Steps

1. Contact Us Immediately:

If you encounter any communication resembling the mentioned scams, call our official phone number on our website. Verify the facts before taking any further steps.

2. Do Not Engage:

Refrain from continuing to communicate with the sender. Do not provide personal information or make any payments.

3. Report the Incident:

You must report the incident to us and the relevant authorities. Your prompt action contributes to the collective effort to combat these scams.

4. Verify Legitimacy:

Visit our official website for verified contact details. Always cross-verify any communication directly with us before making any decisions.

ROI Minds Fake Or Real

We’re a quickly growing Internet Marketing Company called ROI Minds Private Limited. Our main goal is to use the latest and most effective methods to tailor the perfect mix of digital marketing services for you.

We take the time to understand your most successful business areas and any challenges you face. Then, we use intelligent, data-driven strategies to create compelling digital marketing plans. We’re dedicated to giving our clients top-notch advertising and marketing services while keeping their trust and the trust of our partners.

Our Official Contact Details:

Address: 4TH FLOOR, D-190, PHASE 8B, MOHALI, PUNJAB, 160055, INDIA


Phone: +91 (999)28-19-636


Our Stance: Zero Tolerance For Scams

At ROI Minds, we enforce a zero-tolerance policy against scams. We are resolute in preventing the exploitation of our name for fraudulent activities. Your safety is our top priority, and we urge you to remain vigilant and well-informed.

Disclaimer Regarding Engagement with Scammers

If you engage with these scammers by chance, it’s crucial to understand that ROI Minds will not assume any responsibility for the consequences. Stay alert, exercise caution, and collectively thwart these scams that threaten our community’s trust and security.

In the face of escalating digital threats, your awareness and swift action serve as your most potent defenses. Let’s unite against these scams and foster a safer online environment.

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