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7 Hacks to Get More Construction Leads Via Facebook Ads

7 Hacks to Get More Leads Via Construction Facebook Ads

Effective advertising is essential for businesses, especially construction companies, to increase their lead generation and customer base. Facebook ads efficiently and cost-effectively reach potential clients due to their large user base and robust targeting possibilities.

However, more than merely running Facebook Ads is needed to guarantee success. Creating high-converting Facebook ads for construction companies requires a strategic approach. To begin with, it is essential to remember your target audience’s demographics, specific needs, and interests while creating Facebook ads.

Compelling visuals can capture the audience’s attention while emphasizing unique selling propositions like experience, expertise, and customer services.

In this blog post, we will provide real-life examples of construction Facebook Ads that can be leveraged to boost conversions.

Importance of Facebook Ads for Construction Companies:

Facebook ads play a crucial role in the marketing strategy of construction companies, offering infinite benefits and opportunities. First and foremost, Facebook provides an immense reach, with billions of active users worldwide. By leveraging Facebook’s targeting options, construction companies can narrow their audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. This can ensure their ads reach the most relevant individuals.

Moreover, Facebook ads offer exceptional versatility in ad formats. Construction companies can showcase their projects, expertise, and services through visually appealing images, videos, and carousels. These captivating visuals can effectively engage users and leave a lasting impression.

Another significant advantage of Facebook ads is their cost-effectiveness.  Facebook ads can be tailored to fit any budget, making them accessible for construction companies of all sizes. Additionally, Facebook provides robust analytics and reporting tools, allowing companies to measure the performance and ROI of their ad campaigns.  

7 Examples of Construction Facebook Ads Used by Companies Worldwide to Boost Conversions:

Construction Facebook ads are an essential marketing tool for companies in the construction industry. With a vast audience reach, Facebook provides a platform to showcase construction projects, services, and expertise to potential customers. These ads can be targeted based on specific demographics, interests, and locations, ensuring the message reaches the right audience.

Let’s have a look at the 7 best examples of Facebook ads for construction companies.

1. Attention-Grabbing Headlines & Text

Why this ad?

The effectiveness of this ad can be seen from how Steiner’s Quality Roofing has used the headline. They have used a more prominent, bolder font style to grab the attention of their target audience. Using reverse psychology with negative sentences is a great way to capture the target audience’s attention to click.

They have included a manufacturer warranty to emphasize their company’s credibility. Using prohibited emojis in red adds a sense of urgency and compels the audience to focus on the visuals. The background image provides a clear vision of what the company deals with. The “Contact Us Today” call to action draws the audience to visit their website.

2. Compelling Discounts and Offers

Why this ad?

The advertisement used by Surf & Turf Roofing shows how to attract an audience using short, clear, and concise sentences. They have used all capital letters to emphasize certain words that display urgency. Usage of the police car light emoji here emphasizes the need to get the audience to buy their services. The visuals used are relevant to the services provided by them.

They have used bigger and bolder font styles to make the headline effective and short to convey the message. Providing offers and bonuses like a “$500 discount” and mentioning limited-time offers attracts the audience to avail services ASAP.

3. Engaging Carousel Ads

Why this ad?

 Let us look at a USA Roofing & Construction advertisement to learn how they have used carousel ads to boost their conversions. Providing discounts such as “10% OFF for Public Servants” allows the audience to avail of the services at a lesser price, free service, & a lifetime warranty guaranteed.

The Call to action, “Call Us Today,” and “Get Offer” were used to get the audience to convert. Lastly is the image used for visuals relevant to the company’s mission.

4. Impactful Before-and-After Images

Why this ad?

Using construction Facebook ads by Priority Roofing & Restoration showcases one of the most critical strategies to boost conversion. They have used before and after shots showcasing their service and experience with solid proof. Adding word insurance in their creative attracts the audience that availing of their services will be useful.

They have provided a price range that provides flexibility to negotiate for the service the audience wants to avail. The color combination is perfect; red emphasizes the most important aspects. The lighter background color makes it easy for the target audience to receive the company’s message.

5. Strategic and Competitive Pricing

Why this ad?

This Facebook ad for construction companies developed by Lane Roofing & Exteriors shows how to use ads creatively. The color scheme used for this advertisement is subtle & soft, as it focuses on the text included in the advertisement.

Bold, black font emphasizes their best offer for their target audience. The line “Starting As Low As $132/ Month” grabs the audience’s attention, and they try to get the service cheaply. Lastly, they have used the call to action as a message box for the audience to connect with the company.

6. Use the Power of Client Reviews

Why this ad?

Facebook ads for construction companies include a strategy known as customer testimonials. Using these testimonials provides credibility to a company’s work for the audience. Des Moines Area Roofing has used testimonials to gain trust  & grab the attention of its target audience through its ads. The customer testimonial provided provides details about the staff service and a complete walkthrough of their process. It also included the clarification of any doubts the customer had. 

The customer also testified that they had no problem during the whole process. They were well-connected and updated throughout the whole service. This proves it’s a trusted company, that gives extra benefit to the audience who want to avail of the services. Additionally, a CTA has been provided in the “Contact Us” form for the audience to connect with the company officials.

7. Captivating Video Ads


Why this ad?

A complete package of Facebook ads for construction companies can be seen used by NY Roofing in the above creative. This particular advertisement uses multiple strategies to attract its target audience. They have kept the background plain and simple so that complete focus goes towards the video present.

It is a short and to-the-point video with animated images of the real project showing before and after shots. This also includes bold and animated text to make the creative more engaging. A simple CTA symbolizing urgency is used in the form of “Sign Up” to get the audience to convert. These strategies improve the credibility as well as the experience of the company.

How ROI Minds Create Construction Facebook Ads That Actually Convert?

ROI Minds is renowned for its expertise in creating construction Facebook ads that deliver impressive results & high conversion rates. With a strategic and data-driven approach, we have perfected the art of crafting ad campaigns. These are tailored to the unique needs and goals of construction companies, ensuring optimal performance and tangible returns on investment.

We excel in crafting persuasive ad copy that effectively communicates the unique value proposition of Facebook ads for construction companies. We create ad copy that speaks directly to the needs and aspirations of the audience. ROI Minds is able to convey the message and entice users to take action effectively. We also harness the robust targeting capabilities provided by Facebook to reach the most relevant audience.

We create custom audiences based on website visitors, email subscribers, or specific interests. By doing so, we ensure that the ads are shown to users who are more likely to convert. 

Continuous optimization and testing are ingrained in ROI Minds’ methodology. We closely monitor the performance of the construction Facebook ads. Also, conduct A/B testing to identify the most effective ad variations. We analyze the key metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, & cost per conversion, to gain valuable insights. These insights allow us to optimize the ad campaigns further. This iterative approach to campaign management ensures that the ads are continually improving and delivering optimal results.

ROI Minds has established itself as a leader in creating construction Facebook ads that convert. With our expertise & data-driven approach, we empower construction companies to achieve their advertising goals & drive meaningful conversions. Actually, we unlock the full potential of Facebook advertising for construction businesses.


Facebook ads offer immense potential for construction companies to generate more leads and convert them into paying customers. By implementing the above-discussed strategies through the examples, construction companies can optimize their Facebook ads & boost conversions.

Remember to refine audience targeting, and create compelling ad copy and visuals. Also, utilize customer testimonials, incorporate urgency, implement retargeting campaigns, & use video ads. By doing so, construction companies can make the most of their advertising budget and drive substantial growth in their businesses. 


1. How do I get more business leads in construction?

To generate more business leads in construction, you can implement various strategies. These include optimizing your website for search engines, utilizing social media platforms for targeted advertising, and networking with industry professionals. Also, offering valuable content and resources, and actively seeking referrals from satisfied clients are helpful. 

2. How to get construction leads for free?

To acquire construction leads for free, you can leverage online platforms. These include social media, online directories, and industry forums to promote your services and engage with potential clients. Additionally, offering informative content, hosting webinars or workshops, and networking with local businesses can generate leads without direct costs. 

3. How do I promote my construction business on Instagram?

Optimize your profile with a clear bio and appealing visuals to promote your construction business on Instagram. Share high-quality project photos, behind-the-scenes content, and construction tips. Utilize relevant hashtags, engage with your audience, collaborate with influencers, and run targeted ad campaigns to expand your reach.

4. How do I advertise my construction business?

To advertise your construction business effectively, consider a combination of strategies. Develop a professional website, optimize it for search engines, and create targeted social media ads. Utilize local directories, network with industry professionals, offer exceptional customer service and leverage customer testimonials.

Consider traditional advertising methods, such as print media or radio ads, if relevant to your target audience.

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