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5 Hacks to Supercharge your Google Shopping Campaigns

5 Hacks to Supercharge your Google Shopping Campaigns

Today we will shine some light on a few key points that will help you get better results in google shopping campaigns. 

We can’t fully customize Google shopping campaigns like google ads campaigns, but we can make the best out of limited available options to maximize the output.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

5 Powerful tips to Supercharge your Google Shopping Campaigns

  • Use High-Quality Images

According to a study, you have nearly 4-6 seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention, so you should use that wisely. Writing a detailed and lengthy description is cool, but it’ll be a shame if they don’t even get to it; you have to capture your audience’s attention first to get them into reading those cool and fancy copies you wrote for them.

So make sure you are using high-quality images to catch their attention. Try to use fancy images to which users can relate and make sure your product is clearly visible.

  • Bet on your winners

One of the most common mistakes people make is selling all of their products and thinking every product will perform equally. Well, Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Some of your products will perform better than others.

So it’s better to put more focus on your winner products to increase your ROAs than focusing on improving the performance of your bad-performing products.

  • Title Optimization

Title optimization plays a vital role in google shopping ads. We can optimize only so many things in google shopping ads, so let’s take advantage of what we already have instead of thinking about what we can’t.

An Optimizatized title may be the difference between a converted customer and a missed opportunity. Store growers have written an excellent article on Product Title optimization that you can take advantage of for FREE!

Re-Marketing Point Google Shopping Campaigns

  • Re-Marketing

You can’t convert every prospect on the first attempt. It doesn’t matter how good your ad copy is and how good your landing page is; you have to step up your marketing game by targeting prospects interested in your product but haven’t completed the purchase. 

Remarketing, in simple terms, is chasing people who are aware of your product and are interested in it to convert them into paying customers.

  • Play the Long Game

Running a shopping campaign won’t bring you an instant boost in your sales, and it will not result in getting thousands of new paying customers overnight but will help you grow and scale over time.

Sometimes you will get new customers on the first attempt, and sometimes it will take two or three or even four attempts to convert a prospect into paying customers with remarketing. The bottom line is running a business is a long shot, Do NOT rush it, take your time, and do things right. 


There is no fixed formula of success and we can’t promise you something that is a guarantee to bring you results but it all depends on how much effort we put in so give these hacks a try and you will notice the difference.

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