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Top 10 Questions To Must Ask Before You Hire A Google Ads Agency

Top 10 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Google Ads Agency

With a constantly evolving digital landscape, Google ads have become an important part of many online advertising strategies. One of the most important decisions is hiring a Google ads agency. Most people need to be made aware of Google Ads and Google Ads agency and how they work. They need to figure out what to expect from PPC advertising agencies.

Many agencies promise to deliver results. But how will you know whether they are telling the truth or trying to take advantage of your business? That is why we have listed the top questions you should ask before hiring a Google ads agency.

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10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Google Ads Agency

Check out the list of essential questions before choosing a Google ads agency. The questions below will help you know the necessary details related to the agencies:

1. Can you describe your experience with different Google Ads campaign types and how you tailor them to specific industry challenges?

Google Ads Campaign Types

Agencies may share screenshots of successful campaigns. The campaigns should provide details regarding the ad type they have used. The agency can explain various strategies to meet one’s goals and objectives. You must remember that not all strategies are equal, and one should choose an agency accordingly. The questions will help you understand the process that goes behind a campaign.

2. How do you incorporate A/B testing into your Google Ads strategy to optimize performance? 

The PPC advertising agencies should be able to explain their A/B testing process in general terms. Not all A/B testing strategies are created equal. Some agencies may have a more sophisticated approach that delivers better results.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Testing Different Elements: Do they test headlines, descriptions, visuals, or landing pages to see which combination performs best?
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Do they rely on test results to optimize your campaigns, or do they take a more subjective approach?

By understanding their A/B testing process, you’ll gain insight into how they refine your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

3. Beyond clicks, how do you optimize conversion rate to ensure landing pages convert website visitors into leads or customers?

Landing pages are crucial for converting clicks into valuable leads or sales, and getting them right goes beyond Google Ads. While the agency may not reveal specific CRO details from past clients, it should be able to explain its approach.

Here’s what to ask to understand their CRO expertise:

Visitor Journey Focus: Do they prioritize understanding your target audience’s journey and tailor the landing page experience accordingly?

Content & Design Optimization: Do they optimize copy and design for clarity, user-friendliness, and alignment with your ad message?

Frictionless Forms: Do they ensure forms minimize barriers to conversion?

4. Can you explain how you align Google Ads campaigns with the full customer buying journey and marketing funnel stages?

While the agency may or may not share the examples, they should be able to explain their general process.

Marketing Funnel Stages

Here’s what to look for:

  • Do they create targeted campaigns for different buying stages (awareness, consideration, decision)?
  • Do they tailor ad copy and keywords to resonate with each stage (e.g., highlighting brand awareness at the top)?
  • Do they ensure landing pages align with ad messaging and cater to the user’s intent at each stage?

Understanding their alignment of Google Ads with the customer journey will help you assess them throughout the buying cycle.

5. While respecting client confidentiality, can you describe some past Google Ads campaigns you’ve managed that achieved impressive results?

The agency might not reveal specific client names, but that’s okay. They should still be able to share some general details about similar accounts they’ve managed.

There’s a big difference between the strategies one uses. Some agencies offer basic setups, while others have advanced tactics and larger teams to handle complex needs. Additionally, some integrate PPC into broader marketing plans.

Look for one that can handle your needs- campaign management, advanced strategies, or integrated marketing solutions.

6. Do you provide a detailed action plan outlining campaign tactics, with key performance indicators (KPIs) and adjustments based on performance data?

A reputable Google Ads agency should be transparent about its planning process. Look for an agency with a detailed action plan outlining campaign tactics and timelines. This plan should establish key performance indicators to track your campaign’s success and ensure they’re not just setting things up. They should provide results that show that they actively optimize for results based on real performance data. This data-driven approach ensures your campaigns go beyond basic setup and deliver the best possible impact for your investment.

Google Ads KIPs

7. Can you describe your team structure and role in managing Google Ads accounts?

Team structure can vary between agencies, so specific titles are a secret. However, a good agency should be able to explain its general approach to Google Ads management. Here’s what to listen for:

  • Account Management Expertise: Do they have dedicated account managers overseeing your campaign strategy and performance?
  • PPC Specialists: Do they have specialists focusing on Google ads keyword research, ad copywriting, and campaign optimization?
  • Data Analysis Skills: Do they have an analytics team to interpret performance data and recommend adjustments?

Understanding their team structure will help you assess their ability to handle your account effectively with dedicated professionals.

8. Beyond cost, how would you differentiate your approach to our specific needs from other agencies we might be considering?

While cost is certainly a factor, many agencies offer similar pricing structures. A good agency’s approach to campaign development sets it apart.

Here’s what to ask to understand how they tailor campaigns:

  • Do they take the time to understand your industry’s landscape and challenges?
  • Do they offer solutions or craft Google Ads campaigns to address your unique needs and goals?
  • Do they prioritize ongoing performance analysis and optimization to ensure your campaigns stay effective over time?

A strong agency will demonstrate a commitment to deep customization. They’ll delve into your industry, understand your target audience, and build Google Ads campaigns that directly address your specific needs. This results-oriented approach ensures your campaigns deliver real impact and a strong return on investment.

9. Please provide references from past or current clients we could contact to get their feedback on your services. 

Reviews can be your secret weapon! Look for testimonials on the agency’s website and check their Google My Business page or social media for reviews. Transparent agencies showcase client feedback. Newer agencies might have fewer reviews, but established ones should be upfront about their experience.  Reading reviews helps you understand the agency’s approach and choose a partner with a proven track record of success.

10. How often do you propose holding meetings to discuss campaign performance and strategy adjustments? What reporting schedule do you follow to keep us informed of progress? 

While specific meeting schedules might differ by client, a reputable agency should be transparent about how they communicate. Look for an agency that offers regular meetings to discuss campaign performance and adjust strategies based on data. 

They should also provide reports outlining key metrics (e.g., daily or weekly) and ensure you have access to information. Open communication is key, so the agency should encourage your questions and feedback throughout the process. This collaborative approach ensures you’re always informed and involved in optimizing your campaigns for success.

Bonus – 3 bonus tips that can ensure that you hire the right PPC agency for your marketing campaigns:

Bonus Tips

1. Can you elaborate on your agency’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) for managing PPC accounts? How do these processes ensure consistent performance and efficient time use for our campaign?

While the agencies can’t reveal all their secret strategies, they should be upfront about their process. Here are the questions to consider:

  • Structured Approach: Do they have established procedures (SOPs) for campaign management, ensuring consistency across accounts?
  • Timely Optimization: Do their SOPs prioritize regular performance reviews and adjustments to optimize results and avoid wasted ad spending?
  • Clear Communication: Do they keep you informed by sharing reports and data to ensure you understand the strategy behind their decisions?

Strong SOPs streamline campaign management, saving you time and ensuring consistent performance. It allows them to focus on what matters most –  delivering results for your business.

2. How do you stay informed about the latest PPC technologies and industry updates? Do you proactively incorporate these advancements into your client campaigns?

The world of PPC is constantly evolving! An agency will provide information to stay ahead of the curve by:

  • Continuous Learning: Their team actively attends industry conferences, workshops, and webinars to stay updated on the latest PPC technologies.
  • Industry News & Updates: They must have subscribed to industry publications and blogs to ensure awareness of algorithm changes and platform updates.
  • Experimentation & Testing: They are fearless when experimenting with new features and testing their effectiveness within the campaigns. It ensures they leverage the latest advancements to optimize your results.

3. Can you walk me through the regular reports you provide to clients regarding campaign performance? What key metrics and insights do these reports typically include?

A reputable agency prioritizes transparency by keeping you in the loop through regular reports. Typically delivered weekly or monthly, these reports are customized to your specific campaign goals, ensuring the information you receive is most relevant. 

Forget generic reports filled with just numbers! These reports delve deeper,  providing clear breakdowns of key metrics like clicks, conversions, cost-per-click (CPC), and return on ad spend (ROAS). 

But the agency continues. They also offer valuable insights into your campaigns’ performance, explaining the “why” behind the numbers. It empowers you to understand the results and the factors driving them.  

Most importantly, the reports include actionable recommendations for improvement. It ensures your campaigns are constantly optimized to deliver even better results. This collaborative approach, with clear communication and data-driven insights, empowers you to maximize the effectiveness of your Google Ads investment.

Importance of Hiring Google Ads Agency

Imagine having a team of expert advertisers focused on helping your business achieve success. That’s what Google Ads agencies offer. 

  • Google Ads can be a complex maze. These agencies are like seasoned explorers, knowing all the shortcuts and hidden gems. They’ll craft ad campaigns, research the keywords to attract your audience, and write ad copy that speaks directly to customers.
  • Forget about wasting money on ads that go nowhere. These agencies are masters of squeezing the most value from every rupee you invest. They’ll expertly allocate your budget, ensuring each penny translates into real results for your business.
  • Your ads will appear before the people most likely to become your customers. That’s the power of precise targeting offered by Google Ads agencies. They’ll pinpoint your ideal demographics, locations, and interests so your ads reach the right people at the right time.
  • These agencies need to launch your campaign and walk away. They’re constantly monitoring its performance, analyzing real-time data, and improving your click-through and conversion rates. Think of it as watching your ads, ensuring they stay effective and competitive in the ever-changing digital world.
  • The best Google Ads agencies are like fortune tellers, predicting the next big thing in the online advertising universe. They stay on top of industry trends and Google’s ever-evolving algorithms to keep your campaigns ahead of the curve.
  • These agencies will provide clear, data-driven reports showing how your advertising efforts impact your business. With these insights, you can make informed decisions and steer your company toward greater success.

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As we conclude, the questions above will help you understand Google Ads and PPC advertising agencies much better. It will help you create ads that appear when people search for products or services like yours.  

A Google Ads agency can help you set up these ad campaigns, target the right audience, and track their effectiveness. Thus, you can focus on your business while the experts handle online advertising. One must not forget that the best agency fits your goals, not just your budget.

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