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Everything About Showcase Shopping Ads Campaigns

Most of the marketers know about Showcasing shopping ads but didn’t try it till now. In the Year 2017 Google ads introduce the shopping ad format with showcase shopping ads. 

With the help of showcase shopping ads, merchants can gain visibility from upper funnel users who are in their research phase. It also helps the users to go through products without visiting the website.   

Showcase shopping ads are helpful for advertisers because they appear at the top of paid search ads and with this advertisers can showcase the product catalog that will help them to increase click-through. This, in turn, will also help in an increase in sales. 

Know you wanted to learn more about Showcase Ads.

Firstly, Know What is Showcase Shopping ads?

In Showcase shopping ads you can combine a selection of related products (catalog) and present them together with vivid, high-quality images or video. Showcase ads mainly trigger on broad search terms like “Furniture” and “Lamps”.

On relevant search terms, Showcase ad appears on clicking on it will expand the store product catalog related to the product group.

One biggest advantage of Showcase ads is that first clicks are free, so advertisers are only charged when the user clicks again to open up the expanded catalog.

Where do Showcase shopping ads appear and how do they work?

Showcase shopping ads appear in Google Feed, Google Images and when someone searches for a broad product term, like “Furniture” or “standing desks.”. With Showcase Shopping ads you can advertise the whole category of your inventory.

To work with Showcase ads you need to have a linked and fully functional Merchant Center account.

In Showcase ads, you can also Showcase video. It was introduced by Google in 2018 and it’s their first retail search ad unit that features video designed to help advertisers provide a more contextual experience, immersive for shoppers. 

With Showcase video ads you can upload video along with multiple images to a single ad and promote your products through beautiful imagery, descriptions and relevant promotions.

google showcase ads

Showcase shopping ads Prerequisites:

Before you running Showcase Shopping ad you’ll need to first complete the following prerequisites:

  • Setting up a merchant account and linking it with Google Ads account. Also, you have to send Google up-to-date product feed data every 30 days.
  • Set up a Shopping campaign and Optimize it. Using the retail-centric reporting metric, you’ll be then able to track the performance of your products.
  • Upload your 1:1 logo in Merchant Center so it appears in your ad and helps you in branding.

Ads specs = Showcase Shopping Ads 

  • Header Image should be 1200 X 628 px in JPG or PNG format for the best quality across all devices.
  • Headline Text with 24 characters limit.
  • Description with 120 characters limit.
  • Final URL: where you want your user to arrive after they click on ads. 
  • Display URL: 25 characters are shown on mobile, 35 on desktop.

Let’s know How you can set up your Showcase Shopping ads

Follow these steps to set up Showcase Shopping ads:

  • Set up your Shopping Campaign
  • Select a Campaign
  • Create a new Ad Group.
  • Click on Showcase Shopping’
  • Select your new Ad Group name
  • Enter your Maximum Cost-Per-Engagement (Max CPE)

Now you have to select the products which you want to promote with a Showcase ad. You have to subdivide your product groups smaller and make it more specific by excluding product groups that contain products you don’t want to promote.

google showcase shopping ads

Some Major Benefits Showcase Shopping ads

In addition to showing multiple products in ads, it provides advertisers with the following benefits:

  • It helps users to decide where to buy

Most Google Shopping searches use broader search terms. These broad terms are in their deciding phase and considering what product they have to buy or from where to buy. 

Showcase Shopping Ads allow advertisers to reach these potential customers and get them thinking about your brand while they’re still in the initial stages of making a decision.

  • Control over which products you want appears in your ad.
  • Track engagements and conversions in real-time. You can use comprehensive reporting tools to track the performance of your ads.

Let’s Know How much it will cost to run a Showcase Shopping ads

Showcase Shopping ads work on maximum CPE (cost-per-engagement) bidding, and we have to set the highest amount of CPE that we are willing to pay for engagement. 

In this scenario, you’re not get charged on the first click, rather we will be charged when someone does the following: 

  • When the user expanded the ad with the spend time of 10 seconds within the ad or
  • Clicks the product link in the expanded ad before opening it. 

How to Optimize Showcase Shopping ads

By just uploading the multiple product images and selecting the appropriate URLs it does not help you to give you the best result. To encourage desired user action you need to consider the following tactics.  

  •  Add High-Quality Header Image: 

For Header image, you should showcase high-quality imagery related to lifestyle that shows off your branding and that will engage with your target audience. 

  • Segregate your ads: 

You should start by creating the multiple ad groups in the category or product type levels to get it segregated and set your bids accordingly. 

It’s best to start with a broad level or base category level ad groups. It will help you to identify which search terms are getting more engagements by targeting entire categories (e.g., “Dining chair” is a broad term). 

Now you have to set up the additional ad groups that will target sub-categories of your above winning one such as “European Modern Dining Chair ” and see if you receive any engagements. You can now increase the bids for the sub-category ad groups that show higher buying intent.

  • Three ads in each Ad Group: 

We recommended having at least three ads in each ad group. Every ad should have unique headers, descriptions, headlines and category URLs. 

Let’s Maximize Visibility with Showcase Shopping ad

Showcase Shopping ads help you to display more products as compared to Google Shopping with more visibility. It will help you to find out the high-intent audiences by having the right ad specs and optimized ads.

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