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How Content Plays an Important Role in Ranking Your eCommerce Store?

If you’re thinking that having discounted items, and catchy images are enough to drive traffic to your website then you need to reset the button. Content plays a very important role in eCommerce websites. 

To a great extent, content is good enough to draw the customer’s attention. One thing is for certain before selecting anything they search for the product. 

Good content requires research and various content strategies to be followed to drive traffic to the website. 

Good content brings clarity to the customer, not to forget this plays a significant role in converting traffic into sales. 

Your content should be interesting, engaging, and entertaining as well. In addition to the same, based on content, more than 70% of the leads are generated. 

It is important to know what value content adds to your website. To understand that, below we’ve mentioned some important roles that content plays in ranking your eCommerce store:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Content has one of the major roles to play in SEO. When you are writing a blog you should be very specific with the words you choose to write. If the content does not justify the heading, the effort will go in vain as there will be no audience engagement.  

  • Keywords

Keywords reside in the core of the content. If keywords are properly used in the right place and the right category it will for sure trigger your audience reach. It is very important to use relevant keywords. 

To understand clearly, let’s take this in the case of product descriptions. When you have finished writing product descriptions, try to add keywords that people may type while searching for that product. 

Pro tip:

  • You should not repeat keywords many times because it can further lead to a penalty. 
  • Use URL-friendly keywords

Hence, keywords are highly used by those who want to increase their website’s traffic organically. 

2. Brand Awareness

Trust the magic of words! When you create good quality content for your brand or product, it brings forth an increase in the engagement of the audience towards your brand. 

It is quite understood that people tend to build a good link with your brand when they start relating to your content. This will not just increase the engagement of the audience simultaneously it will also help in increasing conversions. 

Utilizing the strategy of content marketing on the grounds of meaningful content can help you take your conversion rate to another level.

Creating interesting blog posts in context to your brand can positively impact people to engage with it. It helps you to build a reputation and create more awareness amongst the audience, which in turn will make them share ahead with other people. 

Well-written content can result in your brand’s website ranking higher in search engines. 

If you are using call-to-action strategies make sure your content is crisp and engaging. 

3. Increase in sales:

This sounds more like a chain; if your content is good enough to draw the attention of the audience, it will do things at the same time build trust in your brand and the audience will share it further with other people. 

With this, you will become a trusted brand amongst the audience, with which the website’s traffic will increase, search engine results will improve and your social media reputation will get better eventually. This will lead to an increase in sales further as people continue to join the brand. 

If the audience tends to understand and relate to the product in the product description, there are higher chances of them going for the product since they’ve already come this far after research. 

4. Improve your reach :

To improve your reach at first certain points should be cleared via the content of the website which should at least answer questions like who are you and what you do as a company. How does this brand and its product work? How will your product affect us (as customers)? How much does this product cost? and is there any exchange/return option? (in the case of online shopping websites)

Make sure you share customer reviews and allow them to post feedback.

To conclude, content sets the foundation of what you are representing yourself as a brand to the public. Irrelevant and non-relatable content is like leaving a website entirely blank because neither no one would be able to relate with it nor they be able to engage with it. Relevant content can boost your eCommerce sales. 

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