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How To Write The Best Ad Copy for PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

When you’re going to run your paid campaign some attribution plays vital roles to bring success for you. Ad copy is one of them that 70% contribute to send the potential and right audience to your landing page.

Before visiting the landing page, the audience gets an idea about your services or product specification through ad copy. So your ad copy should be very attractive and should be able to convey to the users to click on the ad copy and reach the landing page.

Now the question is how to write the best ad copy? There are numerous articles and blogs available that talk about writing the best ad copy, but here I’m going to share a proven and forever principle that you must use while writing your ad copy.

The objectives mentioned below will be in context to increase the connection with the audience and improve the overall campaign performance.

Display User’s Objective:

When you sit down to write an ad copy, keep in mind the user’s objective, and write ads in a way that directly appeals to your audience’s desire.

Google Shopping Ad

Look at the ad above, it’s displayed on the search query “sell my car”. I have chosen a simple yet a good example for better understanding therefore, let’s understand the concept with this example. 

Ad Copy headline should be precisely talking about what your audience is trying to accomplish. In the second heading the advertiser offers the advantage of picking up your car by themself.

In the description part, the advertiser highlights the effortlessness of the process and the special reward of getting your cash that day.

Use Scarcity

Scarcity attracts users and focuses them to take quick action. You can use scarcity in two ways.

  • Limited quantity
  • Limited time

It’s a proven principle to increase the CTR of your ads and attract more and more audience. Sometimes advertisers use “hurry, ends soon, quickly but this is not an effective way to show you scarcity in your ad copy. The best strategy to display scarcity in your ad copy like 50 percent off sale “for two days” or limited stock available so order now etc,.

Add Emotional Triggers in Your Ads

The majority of the users take action based on the powerful emotional response, especially online. Normally people read something, experience strong emotional connection and reaction to it.

This procedure is one of the most impressive to write the best ad copy.

You can use an emotional trigger in a different way in your ad copy. For instance some negative emotions, like anger, disgust, and fear can incite an extremely powerful response in the users.

Highlight What Makes You Unique

The services or products you are selling the same is also being offered by thousands of people. So to be unique from other competitors, use specifications in the ad copy that makes you unique. Display in your ad what you have that your competitors don’t have. It will help you to improve the quality of your ad copy and attract more users. 

Match Your Ad to Your Landing Page

Relevancy is most important between ad copy and your landing page. Google gives high credit to ad copy basis on the relevancy. Make sure you show the same offer or specification in your ad copy which is available on your landing page.    

Focus on the Benefits

While writing ad copy keep in the mind the benefits of your services or products. If you demonstrate benefits precisely it always draws the attention of the users towards your ad copy. This principle helps to improve the CTR and overall ads performance.

Summary: How to Write Best Ad Copy for PPC Advertising:

  1. Display User’s Objective
  2. Use Scarcity
  3. Add Emotional Triggers in Your Ads
  4. Highlight What Makes You Unique
  5. Match Your Ad to Your Landing Page
  6. Focus on the Benefits

I believe these proven principles will help you to write the best ad copy that helps to run a successful PPC campaign.

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