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Top 10 Facebook Pet Food Products Ads with Explanation

Top 10 Facebook Pet Food Products Ads with Explanation

Facebook Ads play a crucial role in the success of the pet food store marketing strategy. 

Pet food store owners can improve their ROI and sales by utilizing the right Facebook ad strategies and creatives. We have curated a list of the top 10 Facebook pet food products ads with their reasons for success.

Before we jump into the example of the ad, let’s go through some of the critical USPs pet store owners can use in their creative strategies:

Pet Products Facebook Ads Creative Strategies

Details like the following can catch the audience’s attention:

“Every dog deserves a perfect portion of its nutrition.” 

The right combination of portion and a call to attention can do the job. 

Listed below are the approaches for you that will ensure successful meta-ad campaigns for your brand:

1. Nutrition

A healthy pet is a happy pet! Sharing the nutritional value of your product can serve your purpose. It can also create awareness about the mix of ingredients, the health-related properties of ingredients, and the scientific back-end reasons. 

2. Quality

Rest assured, your audience’s furry mate will get the best nutrition that meets the strictest and most educated safety standards. This also states they can take pride in feeding their pet a delicious and healthy meal.  

3. Pet Happiness

A high and wiggling tale is a sign of happiness! A commercial could be a super hit idea for showcasing the joyful moments between the pet parent and their dogs while addressing an affectionate connection that appeals to the audience and the brand’s identity.

4. Behaviour

Pet mood swings can be daunting for new pet parents. However, Addressing them can cause instant distress to new pet owners. Giving valuable and playful tips to cope with such situations is super beneficial. It will also help build brand awareness among pet owners. 

5. Lifespan

A pet’s quality of life is an emotional factor for pet parents. Ads focusing on longevity and pet life quality will get the attention required to sell a product. A product promising that can give them a sense of belief that their buddy will stay healthy and live long. 

6. Health

Health is wealth, even for your pet. The pet food product is healthy and has custom ingredients to meet pets’ health needs. It is a simple and effective way to reach your audience. The product ensures that food doesn’t harm the pet and will make pet parents trust it. 

Let’s jump into the top 10 Facebook pet ads for food products to understand their pet marketing strategies and why they stand out best:

Ad Example 1: Blue Buffalo

About The Brand:  

When the Bishop family found their beloved dog fighting cancer, they wanted something natural to feed him. Soon, they learned that the pet food industry was lagging, so they started making their food with all-natural ingredients. Still committed to the same aim of reaching out to owners in need, they are inspiring more than millions of pet parents to feed their dogs healthily. 

Ad Example 1 Blue Buffalo

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Why This Ad: 

The poster for the dog and cat food advertisement displays the ingredients with the bold statement that this pet food product is protein-rich and completely balanced. This creates an image in a reader’s mind that their ingredients are organic and natural and will not harm their pet. The colour blue in the poster gives a sense of reliability and professionalism. 

Ad Example 2: Royal Canin

About The Brand: 

The Royal Canin brand focuses mainly on the nutritional balance of dogs and cats. The company was founded after finding the dogs’ and cats’ unique health needs. After the thought research, they understood that a small nutritional gap in pets’ diets could majorly impact their life. They devised the solution and started making feed tailored for each breed. 

Ad Example 2 Royal Canin

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Why This Ad: 

This pet food Facebook ad example smartly uses carousel slide posts to advertise its product. The brand’s values are highlighted. The creatives use impactful statements like Discover Nutrition, which gives the idea that the product is nutritious! Developed For Each Breed’s Unique Health Needs tells the audience that the product is custom-made after understanding each breed and its needs.  

Ad Example 3: Merrick 

About The Brand: 

Merrick is standing firm in the industry with more than 30 years of experience in the field. It is well known for using premium ingredients for pet food, which contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, and more. They aim to bring happiness and satisfaction to all pet owners by avoiding the use of synthetic preservatives.

Ad Example 3 Merrick

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Why This Ad: 

This ad for dog food from Merrick nicely highlights their goal. They showcase the buyer’s satisfaction in bold text, proving they are a reliable brand among people. The strategy used in this creative is to develop a feeling of assurance in buyers’ minds.  

Ad Example 4: Orijen

About Brand: 

Orijen has been in the market since 2005 to provide biologically appropriate nutrition to dogs and cats at home. They use top-quality ingredients to ensure your domestic pets get all the essential nutrients. Their products include fresh and raw foods like fish, chicken, and eggs. 

Ad Example 4 Orijen

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Why This Ad: 

Brand Orijen has made a sleek choice by using puppy dogs to represent their delicateness. The photograph used in this pet food Facebook ad example gives a strong impression of a dog liking the food product. Even the clever hashtag use encourages users to research the brand further. They neatly catch the eye of the potential buyer with a successful delivery of the message. 

Ad Example 5: Nutro

About The Brand: 

Improving pets’ health is Nutro’s primary objective. They target all dog and cat breeds known to man. Their main goal is to offer your pets complete and super tasty nutritious food. They understand pets have different nutritional needs and make food to meet them.

Ad Example 5 Nutro

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Why This Ad: 

Brands have used video as a medium; the video has very soft visuals, soothing the viewer’s mind. The simplicity of the video gives an organic sense. They ensured the target audience understands that Nutro’s products are made with high-quality, natural ingredients that will help dogs live their best lives. 

Ad Example 6: Natural Balance

About Brand: 

Over the past 30 years, they have committed to making pet food that reflects the advancements in nutrition science while maintaining their core values, such as research-backed recipes, honest information about quality and safety, and easy-to-serve.

Ad Example 6 Natural Balance

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Why This Ad: 

Using video graphics in this pet food Facebook ad example is a fine selection. We can see happy, excited dogs getting fed along with some training sessions. The ads’ visuals look very organic and give a sense of reliability in viewers’ minds, while happy dogs make the impact that they love this treat. Moreover, the caption says “Limited Ingredients,” meaning they aren’t using complicated ingredients. But still, it is well-balanced and the best option for your dog. 

Ad Example 7: Wellness Natural 

About The Brand: 

Wellness Natural is a company that collaborates with veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and food scientists. It focuses on supporting pet well-being through its Wellness Nutritional Philosophy and making food products that keep pets healthy. Their recipes are customised and scientifically proven, supporting the 5 Signs of Wellbeing and ensuring peak health and well-being for pets.

Ad Example 7 Wellness Natural

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Why This Ad: 

In this dog food advertisement, we can see brands want to sell a food product that can promote the dental well-being of the dog. The demonstration of the happy pet parent gives reliability. This advertisement uses captions to catch the pet owner’s attention and hashtags to draw the right audience. 

Ad Example 8: Purina Pro Plan

About Brand: 

Purina Pro Plan is a leading dog food brand that uses innovative food science based on over 90 years of proven results. Their products use high-quality ingredients to give your dog efficient nutrients and targeted benefits at every stage of life. That will support immunity in puppies and promote good development in older dogs. They offer meaningful health benefits without compromising on the delicious taste of their products.

Ad Example 8 Purina Pro Plan

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Why This Ad: 

The video ad has shots where we can see the dog running up the hill very actively, giving an idea of a fit and active dog. The text used in the ad talks about strength and stamina, giving a viewer a clear picture that this food has a quality that can make a dog healthy and strong. 

Ad Example 9: Taste of the Wild

About Brand: 

Taste of the Wild offers high-quality, affordable dog and cat food with protein ingredients based on the pet’s essential diet. The food contains fresh meat, fish, or fowl, including unique proteins like wild boar, bison, smoked salmon, roasted duck, venison, and Angus beef. It also includes vegetables, legumes, and fruits, providing nutrients for overall well-being and supporting the immune system with zinc, selenium, and vitamin E.

Ad Example 9 Taste of the Wild

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Why This Ad: 

The ad results from a viral trend of dog memes on social media. The caption talks about how these animals have evolved and turned into cute companions, creating an emotional and funny engagement. With a CTA, the brand is trying to encourage the viewer to share the adorable moments of their dog, which will eventually increase the brand’s engagement and visibility. 

Ad Example 10: Earthborn Holistic Pet Food

About Brand: 

Earthborn Holistic is a family-owned business feeding pets for generations. Founded in 1926, it specialises in producing nutritional dog and cat food recipes that are oven-baked. The company uses high-quality proteins from chicken, lamb, whitefish, a wholesome superfood blend, and ancient grains like oatmeal and flaxseed. These ingredients suit pets with sensitive skin and stomachs and help maintain heart and immune health.

Ad Example 10 Earthborn Holistic Pet Food

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Why This Ad: 

Pet food A Facebook ad example uses playful language in the caption, along with a graphic where we can see dogs with the product ready to eat. Which builds trust in the brand’s food quality, and dogs enjoy eating it. The advertisement includes a call to action that directs viewers to their social media handles. It enables viewers to learn more and interact with them.

How Much Pet Food Facebook Ads Cost?

How much can these ads cost you? The actual cost of the ads can depend on certain factors, such as CPC, CTR, and CPM. 

  • CTR (Click-Through Rate):

CTR is a way to calculate the effectiveness of an ad campaign. It estimates the percentage of people who see and click on your ad. The estimated CTR of pet food ads is generally higher, around 1.68% globally. 

  • CPC (Cost Per Click):

This is the amount you pay whenever someone clicks on your ads. The CPC can vary depending on your target audience and the competition, but it should be around $0.61 globally.

  • CPM (Cost Per Mille):

Cost per mile, also known as cost per thousand impressions, is a metric that calculates how much you’re paying to have your ad shown 1,000 times. There are no specific numbers for it. However, it can range from $18.28 (the average for the “Pet Food” interest) to potentially higher depending on your targeting options.

  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition):

CPA is the amount you pay to acquire a new customer. In the pet product industry, the average CPA is around $15.29 globally, which is lower than the average across all sectors.

Important Note: Remember, these numbers are just the averages across the global market. However, your Pet Food Ads cost can differ depending on various factors, such as campaign goals, targeting settings, ad creatives, and competition.

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Facebook Pet Food Products Ads Results


In a nutshell, after understanding the needs and wants of pet owners and after creating an impactful use of these strategies, Your pet food products ads on Facebook can be a game changer for your business. 

By targeting the right audience and showcasing the benefits of your product in a visually appealing way, you can attract more customers and increase sales. With the right approach, Facebook can be a powerful tool in growing your pet food products business and achieving long-term success in the market. Finding where you lag will help you build a robust strategy! Working along with experts in this field can bring your A-game on.

Build an ad campaign that is more than just an ad!

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