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PPC Services For Roofers

At ROI Minds, we help Roofers companies to make the most by using Digital Marketing. Our Pay Per Click strategy is similar to roofer marketing:


Creating a Roadmap>>Test>>Adapt>>Improvize>> Repeat for better data and better results.


ROI Driven PPC Management Services

ROI Minds provide ROI-Driven Google Ads Management services aiming at a minimum 300% ROI for your ad spend. Our team is known to use unique & efficient Google ads strategies to run profitable campaigns. Also, the campaign structures are highly focused on Granularity and Segregation to segment and identify the top-performing items to scale up.

At ROI Minds, we ensure that our campaign’s craft is focused on the customer journey and buying intent to provide you with better results. Our Ongoing PPC Management includes the following:

  • Manual bid optimizations
  • Keywords Optimization
  • Quality score improvements
  • A/B ad/image split testing
  • Keywords expansion
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Negative keyword optimization
  • Image ad creation & split testing
  • Single keyword ad group tests and optimization
  • Retargeting campaign Optimization
  • PPC call tracking
  • landing page improvements
  • ROI conversion Optimisation
  • Analytics setup and optimization
  • Bid modifiers
  • Geo-targeting analysis and optimization
  • Day and timing segmentation
  • Ad extension optimization
  • New beta releases
  • Shared Library Optimisation
  • RLSA optimization
  • Auction Insights
  • Impression share Optimisation
  • Ad copies and customization
  • Dynamic Ads Optimisation
  • Display campaign Optimisation

Success Stories

  • Vlad

    CEO, RankandGrow


    It’s a great pleasure to work with ROI Minds! They have expertise in complicated digital marketing campaigns and sales funnel. They assisted us in a great way to deliver an excellent service to our clients. I highly recommend them to digital agencies want to scale!!!

  • Steven Todd

    CEO, Cellista Wellness


    ROI Minds is a great pleasure to work with! They deliver expertise in complicated digital marketing campaigns and assist us a great deal with delivering an excellent service to our clients. I highly recommend working with them.

How We Help Roofers to Grow their Business

Not Getting Enough Leads for your Business. Take advantage of our Highly specialized PPC Experts and reach thousands of people interested in your roofing service through digital marketing.


What We Do

  • Stand Out in SERP

    Stand ahead of others by boosting your Ads in search results.

  • Increased Sales

    Generate a steady flow of sales and leads.

  • High ROI Low ROAS

    2000% Achieved ROAS.

Take Benefit of Our Hyper-Specialization.

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