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Generated 3K+ Quality Leads for a Roofing Business with Google Ads

Generated 3K+ Quality Leads for a Roofing Business with Google Ads

Key Highlights: 

  • Clicks: 48.1K
  • Conversions: 3.17K
  • Impressions: 870K
  • Niche: Roofing Business

About The Business:

Welcome to a well-established roofing and restoration company, proudly serving Bowling Green, Franklin, Portland, Glasgow, and the surrounding Kentucky Counties since 2006. They specialize in residential and commercial roofing repairs, replacements, storm damage fixes, and siding/gutter repairs and offer 24-hour emergency services.

Roofing Business

Their expert roofers are certified in flat and shingle roof systems. This company holds the prestigious title of being the only local roofer certified by GAF as a Master Elite Contractor and certified in flat roofing systems. They’re your go-to for insurance claims and all roofing needs.

They are well-known for their prompt and organized storm and hail damage assessments, aerial inspections, roof leak detection, and insurance claim support tailored to the urgent needs of storm damage restoration.

Business Objectives:

The team dedicates itself to providing an exceptional experience, going above and beyond in its services and programs. Clients can expect top-notch customer service and a Client Bill of Rights that ensures their expectations surpass at every project phase. The team aims to generate more leads while maintaining a leading position in a competitive market.


This roofing business reached out to ROI Minds because it faced several significant challenges. They faced stiff competition in the market, making it challenging to maintain high costs per click (CPC) on Google Ads. Their goal was not only to retain their position in this competitive landscape but also to use Google Ads to generate more leads for their roofing business.

The challenges they encountered are as follows:

1. High Competition: 

This business operates in a highly competitive roofing market, where bidding wars for Google Ads placements increase costs per click (CPC). Maintaining an effective online presence is a challenge.

2. Seasonal Fluctuations: 

Roofing services are often seasonal. Managing a steady stream of leads through Google Ads during slow periods presents a significant hurdle for maintaining a consistent business flow.

3. Local Targeting: 

In the roofing business, a local audience is essential. Ensuring that Google Ads effectively reach potential customers in the specific service areas of the roofing business is a critical challenge.

4. Quality Leads: 

It’s not just about generating leads with Google Ads; it’s about ensuring those leads are genuinely interested in roofing services. Filtering and capturing high-quality leads are constant challenges.

5. Google Ads Effectiveness: 

The roofing business not only needs leads from Google Ads but also seeks to establish a solid online presence to stand out in the competitive market. Achieving both objectives is a formidable task.

Solutions/Our Working Strategy:

In addressing the challenges mentioned above, ROI Minds worked closely with the roofing business to devise strategies that would not only improve the effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns but also enhance their position and lead generation within the competitive roofing industry.

1. High Competition Solution: 

ROI Minds took a strategic approach to combat the fierce competition. They researched extensively to uncover less competitive, long-tail keywords specific to the roofing business. By focusing on these keywords, they reduced the cost per click (CPC) while still generating leads of high quality. This cost-effective strategy allowed the roofing business to maintain its online presence while controlling advertising costs.

2. Seasonal Fluctuations Solution: 

To address the issue of seasonal fluctuations in the roofing business, ROI Minds devised a targeted seasonal strategy. During peak roofing seasons, the focus was on lead generation, ensuring that the roofing business captured the surge in demand. During the off-season, they shifted their efforts towards brand awareness and long-term customer engagement. This approach ensured that leads were generated consistently throughout the year, helping the roofing business maintain a steady flow of clients.

3. Local Targeting Solution: 

ROI Minds recognized the importance of local targeting for the roofing business. They optimized Google Ads campaigns to focus on specific service areas, ensuring that the roofing business reached potential customers in their immediate vicinity. Geotargeting and localized ad copy were employed to attract nearby customers, resulting in a significant increase in local lead generation.

4. Quality Leads Solution: 

ROI Minds enhanced lead quality by fine-tuning ad messaging and optimizing landing pages. It ensured that only genuinely interested prospects clicked on the ads, leading to an increase in high-quality leads for the roofing business. Using negative keywords helped filter out irrelevant traffic, improving lead quality.

5. Google Ads Effectiveness Solution: 

To improve the overall effectiveness of Google Ads, ROI Minds revamped ad creatives and ad extensions. They employed ad scheduling to ensure the roofing business’s ads appeared when the target audience was most active. This optimization increased the visibility of the roofing business and resulted in a higher number of leads generated with Google Ads. Additionally, we refined their ad copy to make the roofing business stand out in the competitive market, attracting more potential clients.

Through these solutions, ROI Minds not only helped the roofing business overcome its challenges but also significantly improved its ROI on Google Ads, delivering a consistent stream of high-quality leads.


Following the execution of these strategies, ROI Minds effectively aided the roofing business in accomplishing its objectives. Here are the outcomes achieved through with the help of Google Ads:

Roofing Business Google Ads Results

  • We maintained an average Conversion rate of 3.58%, exceeding our target and proving the remarkable effectiveness of our marketing efforts through Google Ads.
  • We secured 46.6K clicks, showcasing efficient budget allocation and cost savings in our campaigns. 
  • Our Google Ads campaign generated a substantial 3.16K quality leads, highlighting the actual financial results of our marketing plan.
  • With Google Ads, we achieved 870K impressions for a roofing business, highlighting the success of our marketing strategies.
  • In the competitive roofing business, we met and exceeded our goals, reinforcing our market presence and achieving outstanding results regarding leads generated with Google Ads.


Collaborating with ROI Minds has been a resounding success for the roofing business. They faced several formidable challenges in a highly competitive roofing market, from soaring advertising costs to the seasonal nature of their business. However, through a dedicated partnership with ROI Minds, these challenges were expertly addressed, leading to impressive results.

ROI Minds - Roofing Business Marketing Agency

ROI Minds’ approach to tackling high competition involved strategic keyword research, which helped in reducing advertising costs and improving lead quality for this business. A seasonal strategy ensured that leads were consistently generated, even during slow periods. Local targeting efforts enhanced their visibility and engagement within their service areas while enhancing lead quality through ad messaging and landing page optimization.

We also significantly improved the overall effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns by fine-tuning ad creatives and optimizing ad extensions. Ad scheduling ensured their ads reached their target audience at the most reasonable times, thus boosting the number of leads generated with Google Ads. These comprehensive solutions provided that the roofing business not only overcame its challenges but also achieved outstanding results.

The roofing business’s return on investment has improved substantially, with a solid online presence and an excellent track record in lead generation through Google Ads. This case study is a testament to the power of strategic marketing and the value of a collaborative partnership.

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