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Reached a Target ROAS of 7X for an Online Pet Snacks Store with Google Ads

Reached a Target ROAS of 7X for an Online Pet Snacks Store with Google Ads

Key Highlights:

  • Ad Spend: $19.8K
  • Conversions: 1.4K
  • Generated Revenue: $140K
  • Store Niche: Pet Snacks Store
  • Final ROAS: 7.09

About The Business:

Dedicated to 100% natural dog treats, they prioritise simplicity: no processing, fillers, or additives. Their expertise in canines and deep love for dogs drive them to offer only those products that they would like to buy for their pets. Say goodbye to subpar, chemically-laden treats. Their primary focus centers on food that provides pure nourishment for dogs. They’re unwavering in their commitment to providing the healthiest dog treats globally. 

Pet Snacks Business

They understand the longing of pet business owners for superior quality, especially during industry confusion. Their pet treats undergo rigorous quality checks, and they source kangaroo meat from robust, wild animals, ensuring it’s free from chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones. They assure swift, convenient delivery of premium pet treats to your doorstep in Australia through their online shop.

Business Objectives:

Their core objective is to offer the healthiest dog treats globally, guided by the belief that responsible pet business owners prioritise their dogs’ well-being. They go to great lengths to guarantee that every one of their pet treats adheres to stringent quality criteria through thorough inspections, veterinary supervision, and daily assessments in an accredited laboratory. 

Their commitment to rapid and dependable delivery underlines their unwavering commitment to customer contentment. Ultimately, they aim to enhance their brand’s presence within their niche while ensuring profitability, setting the stage for continued growth and success.


Despite being one of the largest markets in Australia, this business encountered hurdles as competition intensified. Below are given their foremost challenges:

The challenges faced by this pet snack store business in the realm of Google Ads include:

1. Market Saturation: 

In Australia’s bustling pet business market, it’s a formidable task to carve a distinctive identity among established players. The challenge here is not just entering the market but also creating a unique value proposition that sets the business apart.

2. Profit Margin Pressure: 

The journey to market prominence often demands significant marketing investments. These expenses can squeeze profit margins, putting pressure on the financial aspect of the business.

3. Customer Loyalty: 

In a sea of choices, cultivating a loyal customer base is a long-term endeavour. It involves consistent efforts to gain and retain customer trust, a task that’s easier said than done.

4. Competitive Pricing: 

Price competition can be daunting. Smaller businesses may need help to match the pricing of larger competitors who enjoy economies of scale.

5. Brand Awareness: 

Building brand recognition is no small feat in a highly competitive market. It necessitates substantial marketing efforts, time, and resources to make a meaningful impact and gain customer trust.

Solutions/Our Working Strategy:

Upon their request for a solution, we conducted a thorough examination of their specific niche. Subsequently, we developed a tailored set of strategies to address their unique challenges. The following are the strategies we employed to assist this business in achieving its objectives:

pet snacks campaigns

1. Campaign Segmentation: 

Market saturation can be daunting, but we tackled it head-on by carefully segmenting our campaigns based on product categories. We allocated more resources and attention to areas with intense competition. This strategic allocation ensured we could make the most impact where it mattered the most, creating a balanced strategy for market prominence.

2. Optimising Profitable Products: 

To address profit margin pressure, we identified and optimised the products that generated the most profits for this business. This strategic approach allowed us to maintain healthy financial margins while pursuing market prominence. It was a delicate balance between profitability and visibility.

3. Cultivating Customer Loyalty: 

Customer loyalty is a long-term endeavour. To address the challenge of standing out and gaining and retaining customer trust, we implemented consistent efforts. We focused on delivering exceptional value and quality, building a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. This approach ensured that this business not only attracted new customers but also retained them, fostering lasting loyalty in a competitive market.

4. Boosting Search Visibility: 

We managed the challenge of ensuring that these business products consistently ranked at the top of search results with the help of a dedicated team focused on enhancing their search impression share. Through meticulous keyword optimisation and campaign adjustments, we improved our visibility in search, ensuring potential customers saw their products prominently.

5. Creating Brand Awareness: 

To combat the challenge of limited brand recognition in a crowded pet business market, we initiated their campaigns with a brand and product awareness focus. During the initial month, we shifted our mindset away from immediate profitability. This approach allowed us to concentrate on establishing a distinct brand identity, setting the stage for a more recognisable presence.


Following implementing these strategies, we successfully assisted the business in achieving its objectives. Here are the outcomes realised through our Google Ads collaboration:

pet snacks results

  • We have achieved an impressive ROAS of 7.09, exceeding our target and highlighting the exceptional effectiveness of our marketing efforts.
  • We secured 1.4K conversions, showcasing efficient budget allocation and cost savings in our campaigns.
  • We generated a substantial $140K in revenue through our Google Ads campaign, demonstrating the tangible financial impact of our marketing strategy.
  • Maintained a judicious ad spend of $19.8K, ensuring cost-effective marketing while maximising ROI.
  • In the fiercely competitive pet store business, we met and surpassed our goals, reinforcing our market presence and achieving outstanding results.


In this journey of ROI Minds with a dedicated pet snacks business, together, we faced the formidable challenge of carving a niche in the bustling Australian pet store market. It was a quest to offer the purest dog treats, free from additives and fillers, that pet business owners could trust.ROI Minds - Pet Marketing Agency

To overcome market saturation, we as a well-known Google ads agency initiated our campaigns by creating brand awareness and putting profits on hold during the first month. We strategically segmented campaigns, allocating resources where competition was most intense. The key to success was boosting search visibility, ensuring this business’s products were consistently visible to potential customers.

Addressing profit margin pressure, ROI Minds optimised the most profitable products while cultivating customer loyalty through consistent value delivery. The result? An impressive ROAS of 7.09, 1.4K conversions, $140K in revenue, and a reasonable $19.8K ad spend.

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