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Attained 5X+ ROAS with Google Ads for an Online Eye Makeup Store

Attained 5X+ ROAS with Google Ads for an Online Eye Makeup Store

Key Highlights: 

  • Ad Spend: $22.9K
  • Conversions: 1.43K
  • Generated Revenue: $119K
  • Store Niche: Eye Makeup
  • Final ROAS: 5.22

About The Business:

A vision drove the birth of their business: to offer a lash extension solution that is swift, budget-friendly, and enduring. Meticulous trials uncovered the perfect formula—a range of styles for every occasion, a revolutionary adhesive ensuring longevity for up to a week, and a gentle remover that causes no harm.

Online Eye Makeup Business

This breakthrough was too remarkable to keep to themselves. Introducing this innovative system to clients resulted in immediate admiration. In just 5 minutes, they could effortlessly create their lash extensions at home, a feat previously thought impossible. Their business is not just a product; it’s a commitment- a dedication to empowering people to look their best, breaking barriers of experience, cost constraints, and time limitations. 

Business Objectives:

They strive to break barriers, making beauty accessible to all, regardless of experience, cost, or time constraints. They aim to redefine the beauty experience with styles for every occasion, a revolutionary adhesive, and a gentle remover—because everyone always deserves to embrace their beauty. They aim to increase their conversion value with the help of Google Ads.


In the beauty world, their business faced challenges. Google Ads was vital, but getting noticed needed careful planning. Every step was crucial, from targeting the right audience to creating engaging ads. Managing the budget and regularly improving ads were vital. Here are the challenges faced by their business:

1. Ad Visibility Challenges:

Getting noticed in the crowded beauty landscape is challenging for our online eye makeup store. Google Ads plays a critical role, but ensuring our ads shine among competitors demands strategic placement and compelling copy. Limited visibility means our fabulous eye makeup might need to catch the right eye, impacting our mission to double conversion values and numbers through Google Ads.

2. Targeting Precision with Google Ads:

Nailing down our audience on Google Ads is like finding the perfect shade of eyeshadow- a delicate balance. Refining targeting ensures our ads reach the right makeup enthusiasts. We need to do so to avoid our ads running disinterested people, which would affect our goal of doubling conversion values and numbers through Google Ads.

3. Ad Content Relevance:

Creating ads that capture the essence of our eye makeup range is an art. Google Ads demands relevance, but striking the right balance can be tricky. Irrelevant content may lead users to swipe past the ad, impacting our chances to double conversion values and numbers using Google Ads.

4. Budget Allocation Efficiency:

Budget juggling on Google Ads requires finesse. Our financial makeup routine is finding the right mix between campaigns, keywords, and ad groups. Inefficient distribution may mean missing out on potential customers, hindering the goal of doubling conversion values and numbers through Google Ads.

5. Ad Testing and Optimization:

Constantly refreshing our ad game on Google Ads is like experimenting with new eyeshadow looks. Regular updates demand time and dedication. Refrain from testing to avoid stale performance, affecting our quest to double conversion values and numbers using Google Ads.

6. Tracking and Analyzing Conversions:

Navigating the data landscape on Google Ads is as intricate as a perfectly winged eyeliner. Accurate tracking is crucial. Misinterpreting analytics may lead to misguided strategies, effectively impacting our journey to double conversion values and numbers through Google Ads.

Solutions/Our Working Strategy:

ROI Minds collaborated with an online eye makeup store to solve the above-mentioned challenges. Together, we crafted strategies to boost the efficiency of their Google Ads initiatives and increase their position, generating conversions in this competitive beauty market.

1. Strategic Audience Acquisition:

Collaborating with ROI Minds, our Google Ads agency, we strategically elevated audience acquisition through refined search and display ads. It not only countered our initial challenge of ad visibility but expanded our reach effectively, capturing the interest of potential customers. ROI Minds’ strategic approach ensured our brand was visible to the right audience, addressing our challenge and contributing significantly to the overall growth of our online eye makeup store.

2. Dynamic Remarketing Precision:

ROI Minds demonstrated expertise in implementing dynamic remarketing campaigns with precision. They overcame the challenge of targeting precision by crafting ads tailored to user interactions. This personalized strategy retargeted visitors and led to a substantial uptick in conversions, showcasing ROI Minds’ ability to make our Google Ads highly effective through targeted and dynamic approaches.

3. Cross-Sell Optimization:

In collaboration with ROI Minds, we optimized cross-sell strategies, prioritizing our best-selling products. When customers purchased eyelashes, Google Ads seamlessly showcased other related products, ensuring ad content relevance. We addressed the challenge and efficiently utilized our budget, contributing to the overall efficiency and success of our Google Ads strategy.

4. Best Selling Product Focus:

ROI Minds prioritized our best-selling products, aligning seamlessly with our cross-sell efforts. This strategic focus ensured optimizing our budget for maIt and addressed our specific budget challenge. Still, it also showcased ROI Mindstrategically’s ability to strategically direct resources for enhanced results.

5. Achieving Remarkable ROAS:

ROI Minds’ expert guidance resulted in a remarkable ROAS with Google Ads. This success highlighted their ability to overcome challenges and underscored their commitment to driving tangible results for our online eye makeup store. The remarkable ROAS achieved with ROI Minds speaks volumes about their strategies’ effectiveness and impact on our business growth through Google Ads.

6. Comprehensive Ad Testing and Analytics:

ROI Minds demonstrated an unwavering commitment to ad testing, optimization, and precise tracking and analytics. This approach ensured a holistic approach to our digital marketing strategy and directly addressed the challenge of tracking and analyzing conversions. ROI Minds’  meticulous approach to testing and analytics contributed to a nuanced and effective overall Google Ads strategy, showcasing their dedication to continuous improvement and refinement for optimal results.


When this business faced challenges, they turned to ROI Minds for help. Thanks to our expert assistance, we overcame obstacles and hit our targets, successfully meeting their objectives. The outcome? Their business saw remarkable growth. ROI Minds played a vital role in making it happen!

Online Eye Makeup Store Google Results

  • We have achieved an impressive ROAS of 5.22, exceeding our target and highlighting the exceptional effectiveness of our marketing efforts.
  • We secured 1.4K conversions, showcasing efficient budget allocation and cost savings in our campaigns.
  • Through our Google Ads campaign, we generated a substantial 119K sales, demonstrating the impact of our marketing strategy.
  • Maintained a judicious ad spend of $22.9K, ensuring cost-effective marketing while maximizing ROI.
  • In the fiercely competitive online makeup business, we met and surpassed our goals, establishing our market presence and helping achieve outstanding results for their business.


In overcoming obstacles, the online eye makeup store partnered with ROI Minds, transforming challenges into triumphs. Collaboratively crafting strategic Google Ads approaches, they elevated brand visibility, precise targeting, and ad relevance. The result was a remarkable ROAS, propelling the store to substantial growth. 

ROI Minds - Online Beauty Store Marketing Agency

This collaboration underscores the potency of effective Google Ads management, positioning ROI Minds as an indispensable ally for businesses navigating the dynamic beauty industry. Choose ROI Minds for a transformative journey through challenges, redefining success in the online beauty realm. With a focus on precision and growth, ROI Minds is a critical partner, ensuring businesses flourish in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

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