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Achieved $100K of Revenue & 5X ROAS for POD Store with Google Ads (PPC)

Achieved $100K of Revenue & 5X ROAS for POD Store with Google Ads

Key Highlights: 

  • Ad Spend: $20 K
  • Conversions: 100K
  • Generated Revenue: $100K
  • Store Niche: POD Store
  • Final ROAS: 5.03

About The Business:

This POD business began its journey in 2013 by selling designs online. It wasn’t until 2016 that they formalized the brand and developed their website. The eCommerce business aims to cater to a need in the market for a fun and authentic brand. They are not afraid to add humor to their designs, which sets them apart from other brands. They aim to create funny products that customers will share on social media. They encourage customers to share their personal and catchy ideas.

About The POD Business

While 90% of the business focuses on fun and drinking designs, it also has a charitable side. Customers can check out their specific collection, donating 100% of their net profits to charities supporting those affected by various cancers and other diseases. They prefer to work with small charities to impact their operations significantly and raise awareness for their causes.

Business Objectives:

The POD store aims to provide customers with humorous, authentic, and fun products, such as apparel and drinkware, with unmatched quality and innovative designs. They want to make you feel good and inspire you to share these products with your loved ones on social media. Since its establishment, they have successfully shipped over 500,000 orders and more than 1 million items. 

POD eCommerce Store Products

Their steady commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their reliable customer service, easy return policy, and on-time delivery. They aim to expand their brand’s presence within their domain while maintaining profitability and a charitable outlook, setting the stage for further growth and success.


Despite being a prominent apparel and drinkware design player, this POD business has faced numerous challenges as competition intensified. 

Below are the primary challenges they have encountered, specifically in the realm of Google Ads:

1. Maintaining a Good Balance:

One of the primary obstacles was to enhance the amount they were spending on the account while maintaining a good ROAS. The challenge was to balance increasing expenditure and keeping the ROAS at an optimal level.

2. Increasing the ROAS:

Previously, the business spent 2 – 2.5K monthly on ROAS on Google Ads. Now, we are spending 20K per month, delivering positive results for the business.

3. High Competition:

The online design industry is highly competitive, with businesses struggling for the attention of the same target audience, leading to increased competition for ad placements.

4. Maintaining Profit Margin:

Small and medium-sized businesses in the online design industry need help maintaining a competitive presence while adhering to budget constraints.

5. Visually Appealing Ads:

Design stores need visually appealing ad creatives to stand out. Crafting engaging visuals that communicate the essence of the designs can be challenging, especially when adhering to the limitations of ad formats.

Solutions/Our Working Strategy:

As we received their request for a solution, we deeply examined their specific POD niche. Subsequently, we developed tailored strategies to approach their unique challenges. 

We implemented the following strategies to help the POD business in achieving its goals:

1. Audience Acquisition:

We aimed to improve audience acquisition for the online design store by using catchy Search and Display Ads. Through this method, we could reach out to potential customers searching for products or services similar to this business on search engines. By targeting these individuals with visually appealing ads and relevant keywords, we increased the visibility and attracted more visitors to their websites. 

2. Dynamic Remarketing Campaign: 

We implemented a dynamic remarketing strategy to boost business for the design store. It is a powerful advertising strategy that shows users personalized ads based on their previous interactions with a website or app. In an online design store, this could involve displaying ads featuring products that a user viewed but didn’t purchase. By doing this, we increased the chances of ordering to a large extent.

3. Title Optimization: 

Optimizing titles in the product feed is crucial for improving business revenue and ROAS. The title is one of the first elements users see, so it must be compelling, accurate, and relevant. We ensured clarity and relevance for the titles of the products in the online design store and added essential keywords to improve search engine ranking.

4. Prioritizing Best-selling Products:

We carefully selected and prioritized the best-selling and seasonal products to enhance sales and generate high revenue for the design store. We prominently featured products, encouraging customers to order and purchase from the store’s collection. This strategy allowed us to capitalize on the popularity of our top-performing items and ensure that customers had access to the latest seasonal products. 

5. Analyzing Customer Preference:

By analyzing the customers’ purchasing patterns, we could identify their preferences and needs. Based on these insights, we launched targeted marketing campaigns that effectively reached our target audience and increased sales. As a result, the online design store saw a significant improvement in revenue, enabling the business to further invest in the growth and development of the design store.


After implementing these strategies, we successfully helped the POD business achieve its objectives. 

POD Store Google Ads Results

Here are the outcomes we achieved through our collaboration on Google Ads:

  • We have achieved an outstanding ROAS of 5.03, surpassing our target and highlighting the exceptional effectiveness of our marketing efforts.
  • We achieved an impressive 100K in purchase/sales, showing efficient budget allocation and cost savings across all our campaigns.
  • After implementing our marketing campaigns, we secured 100k in Conversion Value and showcased substantial financial gains for the business.
  • We maintained a reasonable ad spend of $20K, which ensured budget-friendly marketing while maximizing ROI.
  • In the highly competitive space of online design stores, we exceeded our goals and reinforced our market presence, achieving exceptional results.


E-COMMERCE Marketing Agency - ROI Minds

Throughout the journey of ROI Minds with an online POD store business, we encountered the crucial challenge of establishing a unique position in the bustling design store market. Our goal was to offer the best designs accompanied by top-notch customer relations that customers could rely on and trust.

We tackled market saturation and low-profit margins by initiating our campaigns as a reputable Google ads agency. Our approach involved prioritizing brand awareness and delaying immediate profits during the first month. We strategically segmented campaigns, allocating resources where competition was most intense. The key to our success was boosting search visibility and ensuring that this business’s products were consistently visible to potential customers.

To address the challenges regarding profit margins, ROI Minds optimized profitable products while prioritizing customer loyalty. As a result, we achieved a ROAS of 5.03, 100K conversions, $100K revenue, and just $20K ad spend.

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