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Scaled ROAS to 20X for a Contact Lenses Store with Google Ads (PPC)

Key Highlights: 

  • Ad Spend: $11.6K
  • Conversions: 1.64K
  • Generated Revenue: 254K
  • Store Niche: Contact Lens Store
  • Final ROAS: 21.85 

About The Business:

A local contact lens business in Australia has been a go-to source for premium prescription contact lenses for over three decades since 1989. As a proud 100% Australian-owned and operated entity, their commitment revolves around delivering excellent service and unmatched value. 

Their lenses, sourced within Australia, mirror the quality of eye care professionals’ offerings, originating from renowned manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson and Alcon with extended expiration dates. 

They focus on enhancing your vision, appearance, and savings, and the business continually explores avenues to maintain competitive prices. This longstanding commitment makes them a reliable choice for those seeking top-notch contact lenses with quality, style, and affordability.

Business Objectives:

In pursuit of its vision to enrich lives through crystal-clear vision, the business aims to ensure the accessibility and affordability of premium prescription contact lenses for all. Their commitment extends to delivering high-quality lenses within Australia akin to those available through optometrists. 

Contact Lenses Store Products

Simultaneously, their strategic objective involves addressing the challenge of increasing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) while maintaining a consistent budget. The company dedicates itself to optimizing advertising strategies and prioritizing efficiency to achieve a higher ROAS. This commitment aligns with their core values of excellent service, unmatched value, and the enduring belief in the significance of a clear vision for a fulfilling life.


A contact lens store utilizing Google Ads faces distinctive challenges when aiming to boost Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) while maintaining a fixed budget. The quest for an enhanced, scaled ROAS with Google Ads in such a context introduces complexities beyond conventional concerns. Here are key challenges and potential strategies to navigate them:

1. Saturation of Target Audience:

A contact lens business faced the challenge of exhausting its potential customer base, reaching a saturation point in the target audience. In the dynamic landscape of digital advertising, initial success in achieving the audience led to a plateau, raising the risk of saturating the target audience. The dilemma emerged when avenues for expansion seemed limited, necessitating fresh strategies to navigate this challenge, including exploring synergies of SEO with Google Ads to unlock new avenues for audience engagement and business growth.

2. Ad Fatigue and Monotony:

The business faced the hurdle of repetitive ad content, leading to viewer fatigue and diminished engagement. In this scenario, captivating ad content, once effective, became familiar to the audience, resulting in diminishing returns. 

Ad fatigue became a genuine concern as the potency of the message declined due to overexposure. Managing this challenge required a strategic approach to refresh and diversify ad content, ensuring sustained audience interest, especially in the context of Google and Facebook ads.

3. Competitive Landscape:

The contact lens business confronted fierce competition in the online eyewear market, making it challenging to stand out. The business faced a competitive landscape where distinguishing the brand became a formidable task in contact lenses. The marketplace was saturated with options, demanding a strategic approach. The challenge lay in carving a niche that attracted attention and fostered customer loyalty amid intense competition.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

The business grappled with maximizing the conversion rate without significantly increasing the budget. Optimizing the conversion rate resembled walking a tightrope, aiming to elevate the percentage of visitors taking desired actions without inflating the budget. 

This challenge arose when the need for efficiency clashed with the desire for increased conversions, especially in achieving a scaled ROAS with Google Ads. Balancing these elements demanded a nuanced understanding of user behavior and a meticulous approach to refining the conversion funnel.

5. Ad Placement and Visibility:

Ensuring optimized placement within the existing budget posed a constant challenge for the contact lens business, especially in the dynamic realm of Google and Facebook ads. The digital advertising arena, crowded with options, demanded securing prime ad placements without overshooting the budget. 

This challenge intensified as the demand for visibility collided with the constraints of a fixed budget. Navigating this delicate balance required strategic bidding decisions, judicious budget allocation, and a keen understanding of the competitive landscape in both Google and Facebook ads.

6. Dynamic Market Trends:

The business faced adapting to rapidly evolving market trends and consumer preferences. In the dynamic market, staying ahead of trends and aligning strategies with shifting consumer preferences demanded vigilance and adaptability. Failing to adapt to emerging market trends leads the business to a disconnect from the audience, hindering the brand’s relevance and resonance in the constantly changing landscape.

7. Effective Budget Allocation:

Allocating budget effectively across campaigns to maximize returns presented a critical aspect of the contact lens business’s advertising strategy. The challenge lies in distributing resources across various campaigns to achieve optimal returns. In a scenario where resources were finite, the challenge was spending the budget wisely to yield the maximum return on investment.

Solutions/Our Working Strategy:

ROI Minds tackled these specific challenges with customized plans, assisting the contact lens business fine-tun their ads. They successfully found the right balance between budget limits and performance goals using Google ads.

1. Unlocking Untapped Audiences:

We began by categorizing your products based on profitability into A and B segments. Category A contains the high-profit products, while Category B comprises the less profitable ones. This strategic move allowed us to identify and target previously untapped niche audiences, maximizing your reach without exceeding your budget.

2. Revitalizing Creatives to Combat Ad Fatigue:

Recognizing the challenge of ad fatigue, we implemented a systematic approach. By launching Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaigns, we infused fresh and dynamic creatives into the top-of-funnel (TOF) audience for both Google and Facebook ads. 

This strategic move combated ad monotony and captured new prospects’ attention, seamlessly funneling them into the bottom-of-funnel (BOF) campaigns for maximum engagement.

3. Standing Out in a Competitive Market:

We delved deeply into your unique selling propositions (USPs) to address the intense competition in the online eyewear market. Strategically positioning their brand as the standout choice, we highlighted exclusive offers, cutting-edge lens technologies, and exceptional customer service in your ad copies. 

This approach sets them apart in a crowded market, capturing attention and fostering customer loyalty. Additionally, integrating SEO with Google Ads further enhances their online visibility, ensuring their brand remains prominently positioned and easily discoverable amid market competition.

4. Optimizing Conversions Without Breaking the Bank:

Recognizing the need for increased conversion rates within the existing budget, we focused on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). We meticulously fine-tuned landing pages to deliver a seamless user experience. By implementing persuasive call-to-action elements and refining product information, we eliminated conversion bottlenecks, resulting in maximized conversion rates while adhering to budget constraints.

5. Strategic Ad Placement for Maximum Visibility:

We tackled the challenge of ad visibility within budget constraints by strategically increasing location bids and emphasizing optimizing targeted locations, a fact often overlooked. By leveraging Google’s automated bidding strategies, we ensured that your Google and Facebook ads were prominently displayed where they mattered most. This precise approach maintained optimal visibility in high-performing placements and devices, ensuring your message reached the right audience effectively.

6. Adapting to Evolving Market Trends:

They embraced a proactive strategy to stay ahead of rapidly changing market trends, incorporating insights from tools like Google Trends. This approach informed regular updates to ad content, ensuring that their campaigns remained relevant and adapted to emerging keywords and market preferences. 

By aligning with scaled ROAS with Google Ads, their strategy aimed not only to keep their brand in tune with market dynamics but also to optimize returns and maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic market.

7. Efficient Budget Allocation for Maximum Impact:

We demonstrated our commitment to efficient budget allocation by thoroughly reviewing our client’s campaign performance. We optimized resource distribution by categorizing products and allocating increased budget spending to category A, which is the maximum. Leveraging Google Ads’ budget optimization features, we directed resources strategically, achieving maximum impact for every allocated dollar.


After implementing these strategies, ROI Minds significantly contributed to the contact lens business achieving its goals. The outcomes attained through the assistance of Google Ads are as follows:

Contact Lenses Store Google Ads Results

  • Unlocked untapped audiences, expanding brand reach and engagement.
  • We positioned the brand uniquely, emphasizing exclusivity and cutting-edge technologies.
  • We helped maximize conversion efficiency, yielding 1.64K conversions with a Final ROAS of 21.85.
  • Optimized ad visibility, strategically utilizing $11.6K in ad spending for effective results.
  • Stayed ahead of market trends, aligning ad content with emerging keywords.
  • Implemented strategic budget allocation, focusing on high-profit segments, generating revenue of $254K.


ROI Minds is a beacon of strategic prowess and unwavering commitment to client success in the dynamic online business landscape. By navigating the challenges faced by businesses like the contact lens business mentioned above, we have shown a remarkable ability to transform hurdles into triumphs. 

ROI Minds - Contact Lenses Store Marketing Agency

Our tailored solutions, deeply rooted in understanding market dynamics and consumer behavior, position us as the ideal partner for businesses aspiring to scale efficiently. The seamless integration of strategic vision, technological understanding, and a relentless pursuit of optimal results make ROI Minds the go-to agency for elevating any business through Google Ads.

With a proven track record of achieving remarkable scaled ROAS with Google Ads while adhering to budget constraints, ROI Minds emerges not just as a digital marketing agency but as the number one choice for businesses aiming to thrive in the competitive digital realm. Our expertise extends to both Google and Facebook ads, ensuring comprehensive and effective digital marketing solutions.

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