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Crack the Code to Get 25X ROAS for a Women’s Clothing Store With Google Ads

Key Highlights: 

  • Ad Spend: Riyal 40.3K
  • Conversions: 2.56K
  • Generated Revenue: 1.03M
  • Store Niche: Clothing Business
  • Final ROAS: 25.69 

About The Business:

Founded in 1999, this fashion brand is a subsidiary of Fad International LTD. Co, a prominent Middle Eastern fashion design house. Starting in Saudi Arabia, it swiftly gained popularity by offering a diverse selection of clothing, spanning casual, formal, and accessories tailored for young women. Its affordability sets it apart, making trendy fashion accessible to various demographics. 

Clothing Business Brand

The brand’s team in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, focuses on designing fresh, customer-centric collections. Its stores are strategically located for convenience, creating an enjoyable shopping experience. This brand’s trendy styles have made it a favorite for young, outgoing women across multiple countries. It earned recognition in the Saudi Fast Growth Awards, acknowledging its contributions to employment and innovation in the competitive Saudi business landscape.

Business Objectives:

They aim to create clothes inspired by our culture that are just as good as those from anywhere else. The client wants to boost online sales and make more money while ensuring their ads increase profits. By providing a wide range of imaginative and high-quality clothing options, they aim to create a significant presence in the clothing business. They aim to make clothes inspired by our culture that are just as good as those from anywhere else. Their goal is to boost online sales and maintain a good level of ROAS. 


This client performed well before, but they started facing issues regarding ROAS and approached us to help them scale their business and improve their ad strategy to boost their reach. 

1. Budget Constraints: 

As advertising efforts expand, a more substantial budget allocation becomes necessary. The challenge lies in effectively managing this budget to sustain a profitable ROAS, a delicate balance requiring strategic finesse.

2. Seasonal Variations: 

Navigating consumer demand and behavior fluctuations across different seasons is essential when scaling campaigns while ensuring a robust ROAS.

3. Ad Platform Complexity: 

Managing multiple campaigns across diverse ad platforms can become complex. It calls for efficient optimization strategies to maintain a profitable ROAS.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization: 

In tandem with the expansion of campaigns, the critical task of preserving and enhancing conversion rates becomes imperative. This is vital in achieving and sustaining the desired ROAS and profitability.

5. Ad Fatigue and Saturation: 

With the growth of campaigns, a looming threat is ad fatigue and market saturation, which can significantly erode the efficacy of advertising endeavors.

Solutions/Our Working Strategy:

To tackle the above challenges in growing the client’s clothing business, we worked in the following ways:

1. Budget Allocation Optimization:

We focused on optimizing budget allocation. We recognized that as advertising efforts expanded, a more substantial budget was required, so we undertook a comprehensive review of the client’s product catalog. We carefully categorized products based on their performance. This classification allowed us to identify the top-performing products that had the potential to generate the highest returns. 

When we allocated additional budget to these high-performing items, we ensured that they had the necessary resources to reach their full potential. This strategic budget allocation struck a delicate balance, sustaining profitability while expanding the client’s reach.

2. Bidding Strategy Adjustments:

We made adjustments to our bidding strategies. The process of tailoring the bidding strategies of specific campaigns according to the desired results was vital. We optimized the ROAS effectively by aligning these strategies more closely with the client’s objectives. These adjustments were a critical part of our effort to revamp the client’s advertising strategy.

3. Campaign Diversification:

In response to the challenge of ad fatigue and market saturation, we launched a series of diverse campaigns. Each campaign was designed to address specific needs and goals. This diversification in the advertising approach allowed us to reach distinct segments of the target audience, preventing redundancy and ensuring that the client’s messages remained engaging and fresh.

Throughout the implementation of these strategies, our team maintained continuous monitoring of campaign performance. We relied on data-driven insights to make informed decisions and adjustments as necessary. This dynamic approach led to improved campaign performance, enhanced reach, and a more favorable ROAS.


Our comprehensive Google ads strategy for our eCommerce clothing business has provided outstanding results, underscoring the effectiveness of our approach. Let’s have a closer look at our achievements:

Google Ads Results - A Clothing Brand

  • We achieved a remarkable ROAS of 25.69, surpassing our target and showcasing the extraordinary effectiveness of our marketing efforts.
  • We successfully reduced the CPA by an impressive 34%, indicating the efficient allocation of our advertising budget and cost savings.
  • Our Google ads campaign generated a remarkable Riyal 1.03M in Revenue, demonstrating the tangible and substantial financial impact of our marketing strategy.
  • We maintained a judicious Ad Spend of Riyal 40.3K, ensuring cost-effective marketing while maximizing return on investment.
  • In the highly competitive clothing business niche, we not only met but exceeded our goals, strengthening our position and achieving outstanding results.


Our journey with the client’s women’s clothing brand, supported by the expertise of “ROI Minds,” a reputable Google Ads agency, has been a testament to the power of strategic and customer-centered approaches in the digital advertising landscape. It goes beyond just the numbers; it’s about the positive transformation we’ve brought to the brand and its customers.

From tackling challenges like budget constraints, seasonal variations, ad platform complexities, and conversion rate optimization, to addressing the ever-present threat of ad fatigue and market saturation, we implemented tailored strategies. These efforts led to exceptional results, including a remarkable ROAS of 25.69, substantial revenue generation, and a significant reduction in CPA.

ROI Minds - Google Ads Agency for Clothing Business

Our success signifies more than just business growth; it underscores our dedication to enhancing the customer experience in the clothing market. We’ve not only improved market positioning but also created a more engaging and positive interaction for our customers.

This achievement underscores the vast potential of data-driven, customer-focused digital marketing strategies. It showcases how these approaches can drive revenue growth, profitability, and long-lasting success in a fiercely competitive market environment. We look forward to continuing our journey with the client, supporting their ongoing quest for success in the clothing industry.

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