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Secrets to Scale an Online Lingerie Business to 3X ROAS with Google Ads

Secrets to Scale an Online Lingerie Business to 3X ROAS with Google Ads

Key Highlights: 

Ad Spend: $12K

Generated Revenue: $38K

Store Niche: Lingerie Business

Target Market: US

Final ROAS: 3.12

About the Business:

This business was founded in 2010 by an industry expert with 8 years of experience in intimate apparel. The company was born out of the need for more inclusive lingerie options for fuller-bust and full-figure women. The founders are passionate about promoting body positivity and self-love, recognizing that women come in all shapes and sizes.

Lingerie Business

Their philosophy is about redefining perfection & creating beautiful and trendy lingerie that celebrates every woman’s unique curves. They aim to empower women, encouraging them to confidently embrace their bodies.

The business goal is to provide a diverse range of lingerie, from sports bras to bralettes and everything in between, in various sizes, skin tones, and fashionable colors. Business owners are dedicated to helping curvy women build a lingerie wardrobe that suits their lifestyle needs. 

Business Objectives:

The business aims to achieve significant revenue growth by catering to the often underserved market of fuller-bust and full-figure women. By offering size-inclusive, fashionable lingerie, the business seeks to capture a substantial share of this market segment. The objective is to increase sales and revenue by providing women with diverse options that suit their preferences and sizing needs.


Here are some challenges that we faced when we started working to achieve the business objectives of driving growth in sales and revenue for a business focused on size-inclusive lingerie:

1. Niche Market Understanding: 

Understanding the unique dynamics and preferences of the size-inclusive lingerie market was challenging. We needed to conduct thorough research to grasp the specific needs and interests of this customer segment.

2. Competitive Landscape: 

The lingerie industry was highly competitive. We had to contend with well-established brands and find ways to differentiate the business in the market to capture market share effectively.

3. Content Sensitivity: 

Marketing lingerie requires sensitivity to cultural and societal norms around modesty and body image. We had to craft content that was both empowering and respectful, which was a delicate balance.

4. Size and Fit Challenges: 

Promoting size-inclusive lingerie required a deep understanding of sizing issues and ensuring that the products met the diverse needs of customers. Accurate size guidance and fit-related content were crucial for us.

5. Digital Advertising Restrictions: 

Some advertising platforms had restrictions on promoting lingerie, especially if the content was considered explicit. We needed to navigate these limitations while effectively marketing the products.

6. Content Production: 

Producing high-quality visual and written content for lingerie marketing was resource-intensive. We had to ensure a consistent stream of compelling content to engage the audience effectively.

7. Market Trends and Fashion Cycles: 

Staying updated with evolving fashion trends and consumer preferences was crucial in the apparel industry. We had to adapt strategies quickly to align with changing market dynamics.

Solutions/Our Working Strategy: 

To overcome the above challenges, we adopted a strategic and customer-centric approach. We worked closely with the business to develop targeted marketing campaigns, leveraged data insights, and continuously refined strategies to achieve the business objectives.

Lingerie Business Google Ads

1. Enhanced Niche Market Understanding: 

To better understand the size-inclusive lingerie market, we revamped our product feed. We optimized the titles on our website to make them more descriptive and aligned with the specific needs of our target audience. This helped us improve our visibility and connect with potential customers searching for size-inclusive lingerie.

2. Competitive Advantage through Specific Audience Signals: 

In the highly competitive lingerie industry, we needed a unique edge. We tapped into specific audience signals by identifying customers who had added items to their cart and initiated the checkout process. To incentivize their purchases, we strategically introduced Summer Sale Offers, targeting these potential buyers. This approach not only increased our conversion rates but also helped us capture a share of the market effectively.

3. Content Sensitivity and Empowerment: 

Addressing the challenge of marketing lingerie with sensitivity, we tailored our content strategy. Instead of simply showcasing products, we worked on content that addressed the pain points of female customers. Our approach focused on empowering women by highlighting the comfort, style, and inclusivity of our lingerie. This allowed us to strike the delicate balance between empowerment and respect, resonating with our target audience.

4. Boosting Sales with Summer Sale Offers: 

To further boost our sales, we targeted a specific audience segment that had already shown strong purchase intent. We identified customers who had added items to their cart and initiated the checkout process but hadn’t completed the purchase. To incentivize them, we strategically introduced Summer Sale Offers, encouraging them to finalize their purchases. This approach effectively increased our conversion rates and revenue.

These solutions, combined with our strategic areas of work, enabled us to overcome challenges and make significant strides in driving growth in sales and revenue for our size-inclusive lingerie business. By optimizing our product feed, targeting specific audiences effectively, and crafting empowering content, we not only improved our market position but also created a more positive and engaging experience for our customers.


Our data-driven and customer-centric digital marketing strategy for our size-inclusive lingerie business delivered remarkable results, highlighting the effectiveness of our approach. Here’s a closer look at our achievements:

Lingerie Google Ads Results - ROI Minds

  • Achieved a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 3.12, surpassing our target and demonstrating the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.
  • Successfully reduced the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) by an impressive 34%, showcasing efficient allocation of our advertising budget.
  • Generated a substantial $38k in Revenue, highlighting the tangible financial impact of our marketing strategy.
  • Maintained a judicious Ad Spend of $12k, ensuring cost-effective marketing while maximizing return on investment.
  • Strengthened our position in the competitive size-inclusive lingerie market by not only achieving our goals but exceeding them.


In our journey from setting ambitious business objectives to achieving exceptional results through Google ads, we’ve demonstrated the power of a strategic and customer-centric approach in the size-inclusive lingerie market.

Lingerie Google Ads Agency - ROI Minds

Our above success story isn’t just about numbers; it’s a testament to our dedication to empowering women through size-inclusive lingerie. At ROI Minds, we’ve not only improved our market position but also created a more positive and engaging experience for our clients. It underscores the potential of data-driven, customer-focused digital marketing strategies to drive revenue growth, profitability, and lasting success in a competitive market landscape.

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