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Generated ₹1.4M of Revenue & 6.5X ROAS for Kids Room Decor Store with Facebook Ads

Generated ₹1.4M of Revenue & 6.5X ROAS for Kids Room Decor Store with Facebook Ads

Key Highlights: 

  • Ad Spend: ₹217K
  • Generated Revenue: ₹1.4M
  • Store Niche: Kids room decor store
  • Final ROAS: 6.5X 

About Business:

Their business is well-known in the children’s room decor industry. They’re all about making kids’ rooms colourful and fun. They have cool stuff like wall stickers, posters, and interactive art that can make a kid’s room exciting.

Kids Room Decor Business

They know that a child’s room is super important for their growth. So, they ensure their products look nice and help kids learn and use their imagination.

They’re not just known in one place; they’re famous worldwide. Many kids have stuff in their rooms from their brand, and people like it. Their business aims to make even more kids happy by adding a touch of magic to their rooms.

Business Objective:

This business aims to grow substantially by addressing the often-overlooked children’s room decor market. By providing a wide range of imaginative and high-quality decor options, they aim to carve a significant presence in this market segment. Their goal is to boost sales and revenue by giving kids and parents diverse choices that match their style and room decor needs.


The account faced a constant challenge of audience fragmentation, but this issue was resolved after proper funnelling.

1. Audience Overlap:

Multiple campaigns caused their business to face the challenge of audience overlap, where they targeted the same users repeatedly. This inefficiency increased ad spend without effectively reaching new potential customers.

2. Ad Fatigue:

Consistent audience fragmentation led to ad fatigue for their business. Multiple ads from different campaigns shown to the same audience reduced engagement and caused a decline in ad performance over time.

3. Inefficient Use of Ad Creatives:

Audience fragmentation often resulted in the repetitive use of the same ad creatives across different campaigns, causing creative fatigue and diminishing the overall effectiveness of these assets.

4. Ad Placement Confusion:

Fragmented audiences made it challenging for their business to determine the most effective ad placements, impacting their selection of suitable platforms and positions for ads.

5. Loss of Potential Customers:

Audience fragmentation sometimes resulted in missed opportunities for their business to convert potential customers who had shown interest but needed more effectively retargeted due to the scattered approach.

Solutions/Our Working Strategy: 

To overcome the above challenges, we adopted a strategic approach. We worked closely with the business to develop targeted Facebook ads and continuously refined strategies to achieve the business objectives.

1. Custom Audience Segmentation:

ROI Minds segmented the audience meticulously to ensure each campaign had a unique target audience, minimising overlap. We created exclusion lists to prevent ads from being shown to individuals who had already interacted with their business through other campaigns, reducing redundancy.

2. Ad Rotation:

To combat ad fatigue, ROI Minds implemented a dynamic ad rotation strategy, regularly refreshing and varying the creatives to maintain audience interest. We created a sequential storytelling approach to tell a brand narrative over multiple ad sets, preventing repetitive content.

3. Creative Library:

ROI Minds established a creative library that allowed their business to efficiently organise and reuse ad creatives, eliminating redundant work and ensuring consistent messaging.

4. Platform Optimisation:

ROI Minds carefully selected ad placements that best suited the campaign’s objectives, ensuring clarity and avoiding confusion. We provided their business with clear guidelines on where and when to place specific ads, making the process more streamlined.

5. Retargeting Campaigns:

ROI Minds implemented retargeting campaigns to recapture the attention of potential customers who had shown interest but had yet to convert in previous interactions. We used dynamic product ads to display products that potential customers had viewed or added to their carts but did not purchase.

These solutions streamlined our client’s Facebook advertising campaigns, minimising overlap, fatigue, and confusion while effectively retargeting potential customers. This strategic approach resulted in improved ROI, increased conversions, and a more efficient allocation of advertising resources.


ROI Minds’ customer-focused and data-driven digital marketing strategy for our client yielded exceptional outcomes, underscoring the efficacy of our methodology. Let’s delve into our accomplishments:

Kids Room Decor Business Facebook Results - ROI Minds

  • We achieved a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 6.77, surpassing our target and demonstrating the effectiveness of our Facebook ads.
  • We generated a substantial ₹1.4M in revenue, highlighting the tangible financial impact of our Facebook ad strategy.
  • Maintained a judicious ad spend of ₹217K, ensuring cost-effective Facebook advertising while maximising return on investment.
  • We strengthened our position in the competitive market for kid’s decor by achieving our goals and exceeding them.


Our data-driven and customer-centric digital marketing strategy produced impressive outcomes for our clients in children’s room decor. Our achievement in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) exceeded expectations, showcasing the efficacy of our Facebook ads. Moreover, our efforts led to substantial revenue growth, underscoring our strategy’s concrete financial impact, all while judiciously managing ad spend.

Home Decor Facebook Ads Agency - ROI Minds

Our strategic solutions addressed many challenges, yielding improved ROI and increased conversions. Our client’s ongoing success is a testament to the effectiveness of our methodology, solidifying their position in the competitive market for kids’ decor.

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