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5 Top Benefits Of Display Advertising

Display advertising

With the increase of technology and competition in the digital world, marketers now have multiple options to promote their different marketing campaigns. While advertising your business online, there are many important factors to consider like visuals, targeting, and relevancy.

And with the demand for visuals, Display advertising has become the need of the hour in the digital marketing world. 

So let’s dive into the basics of display advertising and how they can promote your business online.

Display ads are the image ads or banner ads that appear on the websites, mobile apps, and other social media networks.

Search ads are the ones in which the ads are shown on SERP when someone is searching for a particular product or service whereas display ads are shown when people are surfing.

These ads can be a rectangle or small square image and can appear anywhere on a web page with different banner sizes.

Placement of display ads can be critical sometimes as the advertisers need to make the ads personalized relevant and timely.

1) Increase Visibility

Display Ads has the ability to present you in front of highly relevant masses with the eye-catchy visuals and prominent placements and helps businesses to stand out from the competition.

2)Low marketing Cost

Display advertising is quite inexpensive. It allows advertisers to reach so many target users yet not costing much money. 

Here, we have the option to either pay for each click(CPC) when someone clicks on the ads or

CPV where you will be charged on thousands of impressions your ads receive.


Remarketing allows us to show ads to people who previously visited our websites. This way we can reach out to people who expressed interest in our business in some way.

It might be the case that a second visit is necessary to convert them

4)Effective Targeting

While reaching out to the audience.It’s very important to target the right audience.

We can choose from different targeting options like geo-targeting, demographic targeting so that our ads can appear on relevant sites.

5)A/B Split Testing

Sometimes it’s hard to get the desired results even if you understand your business and for that reason having the control in your advertising is good.

We can change the strategy when it is not as good as per the expectations and try with a new one

After discovering its top benefits, we can clearly have the idea of how this advertising strategy can help drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and help improve conversions.

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