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How to Setup and Use Google Product Ratings

Google Product rating is the program provided by the Google Merchant Center. By participating in this program it will enable you to show your product rating (star-ratings) to users on Google shopping ads.

Product ratings and reviews help shoppers in their product research and help them in making purchase decisions.

Product rating is in the form of star rating from 1 to 5 and designed to give shoppers an overview of the product’s performance and make trust in the purchase of that product.

How will you add Google Product Rating In Google Shopping Ads?

To add Google Product rating to Google shopping ads your product should have at least 3 product reviews that will be aggregated to form an overall product star rating. 

Product ratings can be sourced from various places including your own site and from a review aggregator site such as or many others. It can also be aggregated from Google Customer Reviews. 

Learn Google Product Rating Working

One thing that all we should know is that Google Product Rating is specific to product, not seller specific. In Google product rating product performance rated, not the business who is providing it. 

You can aggregate the reviews for a product from multiple retailers, marketplaces, and third-party review sites. This is all done by the Google Merchant center program by using globally unique product identifiers such as GTINs, or other metadata data related to the product such as SKU, Brand + MPN pairs and product URLs.

When a search is performed for a product – such as ‘Wishbone chair’ – a list of different models of Wishbone chair will be listed, some products showing aggregated Product Ratings where applicable. Sellers selling this model can be located by clicking on the individual product listing.

What are the Benefits of Product Ratings

Having a product rating or review on your own site is different from the perks of Google Product Ratings. Take a look at some main benefits of Google Product Ratings.

1. Google Product Ratings make products stand out in shopping ads.

Google Product Ratings will make your product stand out from your competitor product. These star ratings will catch the eyeball after all that is natural, who will not love a flash of gold?

For example, if you are looking for ‘Wishbone chair’ and some listings will show stars and others don’t, then eyes will naturally be drawn to the star because there is a little gold digger inside all of us!

There is also a concept that stars = trust, and quality ingrained with it, and that will make us biased towards product listings that feature them.

Google Product Ratings

2. Customers get educated about the product. 

Product rating and review also help the shopper to know more about the product. They are more educated about the product by getting more information from the review. 

The product description is not sufficient to get all the information about the product. They are a little impersonal, just a copy of the manufacturer description that will make it ‘scripted’, and many shoppers realize it is written by marketers whose job it is to sell the product. 

Now Customers product reviews will help the buyer get more information about the product that is not conveyed from the product description 

Google Product Ratings mostly contain valuable information about the product that may make or break a sale.

Shoppers who wanted to know more about the product which they wanted to purchase are also less likely to be disappointed. On average, it’s said that 78% of Shoppers who read reviews are more satisfied with their final purchase. 

If you give more information about the product then the buyer leads to more confidence in your product which further increases your conversion rate. 

3. Google Product Ratings help in to increase the on-site conversions too

Google Product rating will leave the impact on the buyer journey. After viewing product ratings it will build trust, inform, and confidence on the arrival of your site. 

They have already covered quite far along the buying journey and come with a high intent when they arrive on your site.

By Increasing trust off-site, it will lead to an increase in on-site conversions, sales, and profits.

How you can get the power of Google Product Ratings

Google product rating is not unique only to you, they are aggregated from the different review sites. So most of the sellers are selling the same product with the same ratings aggregated from the same source. 

Technically you are competing with other sellers who are selling the exact same product with the exact same Google Product rating. 

So, how can you stand out from this?

There are four steps to make your Google Product Reviews to win over your buyer.

1. Sell Renowned Products

Wanted to succeed in Google shopping? Then there is a need to sell the product that can achieve the above. You should stock the product that is previously highly rated so that you can stand out in a good way.  

If you’re selling your own branded products then make sure you are collecting high-quality product reviews from your customers and sending them to Google review. 

2. Regularly Optimise your product listings & bid high

Now the question is how to compete with other sellers?

In order to compete in Product listing ads, you should make sure you are optimizing your product listing and bidding for your product. It will help you in securing the top spot position and make the most of the shopper land up to your site as compared to your competitors.

3. Collect Seller Ratings

Product is the same and product Price is the same then how will buyers determine from which store they will prefer to buy the product. So the seller rating and the product rating go hand in hand. They will prefer the store who has a higher seller rating. 

4. Competitive Product Pricing

Last but not least is your Product pricing. Google shopping is also known as a product price comparison site. 

The final thing that needs to be considered is your product price. It should be competitive. Even if you have flawless Seller Ratings and have a product that is 20% more expensive as compared to your competitors, It’s likely to make your customers not click on your ad.  

Product Rating In Summary

Now you know that there are many benefits of Google Product Ratings but getting them is just half the battle. With all these, you should make sure you optimize your pricing as per competition, bidding and descriptions help you to stay ahead of the pack on product listing pages and get customers to choose to buy from you. 

Want to know more about Google Product Ratings? Head over to our website to jump on live chat with one of our advisors and we’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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