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How to Use Google Merchant Center: An Ultimate Guide

Google Merchant Center is an online platform that helps online e-commerce businesses to submit their store and product data through feeds, such that their products can appear in google shopping search results.

The store and product data mainly comprise product information, pictures & prices which afterward appears in google shopping search results when someone searches for similar products.


To submit the product data and information in a way that Google’s algorithm can understand, you need to add all that data in Google Shopping Feed.

Google shopping feed is the most important information which Google needs to create Shopping ads. It is important for your products in order to show your ads on google shopping search results.

From all of the information which we fill in the google shopping feed, google fetches that data and creates ads. Here comes the cherry on the cake, you don’t have to select keywords and to create the ad copies, you just have to fill the shopping feed and google creates shopping ads for you.


Product Title – It is the blue hyperlink text which appears below the product image in google shopping search results.

It is the most prioritized information field as when a user searches for a product, google matches that search query with the product titles and shows the ad if the query & title are relevant.

It’s very important to optimize the product titles by researching the keywords related to your product with high search volumes & add them as your product titles. You can also optimize them by seeing the search queries. You can see an example of the product title highlighted as below:

google merchant center

Product Image – It is the image of the product which appears above the product title, so it should be of high quality, with proper lighting so that it looks clear, photos should be stable and clear.   It is advised to use tripods so as to enhance the photo stabilization. take inspiration from your competitors, use plain backgrounds, don’t use watermarks, logos & extra text. You can see an example of the product Image highlighted as  below:

google merchant center

Product Category – It is the information that does not appear in the shopping search results but is only used by Google to identify the category of the products. You can select the category from Google Product Taxonomy (GPT). It is the most important data field for the relevance of product type


The products can be added to the merchant center in two different ways. The first one is by manually adding the product data mentioned above in feeds and further uploading them on the platform. The second way is that you can make it fetched automatically through plugins which can save your time if you have a large inventory of products.


Shipping costs are very important as it tells the customers how much extra amount you need to pay in order to get your product shipped. Shipping can be a game-changer because people either prefer free shipping or low shipping prices.

So it’s very important to fill shipping cost information, to set up shipping settings you can have a look here.


Promote your e-commerce business through Google Merchant Center easily by creating a manual or automatic feed of your products, and run google shopping campaigns with a lower CPC than regular search ads and get your products displayed on google shopping search results. Explore Google Merchant Center Today!

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