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5 Ways to Increase Your Lead Generation By Facebook Ads

“Lead Generation is a fair core activity to marketing” quoted Chris Brogan. Indeed it is, every business leader wants to generate leads. The difference is just that some of them are using traditional marketing and some of them are using digital marketing. There are many digital platforms available on today’s date to generate leads to hike the business revenue. 

Generating leads is not a thing that can be achieved overnight. But when you knack efforts on the right platform, lead generation can reach heights like a skyrocket!

One of the best options is  Facebook in terms of advertising. Approximately, Facebook now serves 2.37 billion monthly active users. Facebook has a huge database of its users. By advertising on Facebook, we can target specific people who may be interested in our product.

Let’s talk about How to efficiently utilize the Lead Generation Ads by Facebook

As our objective is already clear, we want to generate the leads for the business model. So we have to select the “Lead Generation” as the objective for doing lead generation ads.

Facebook Ads Manager

1. Find your ideal customer

 Statistics reveal that in 2019 approximately 2.5 people were active on Facebook. It is important to do audience research at the initial stage so that you don’t target the wrong audience in the context of the subject. Facebook is giving us a very powerful tool that is “Audience Insight”. 

Here we can get an idea about the type of people who are interested in your niche, in the form of that a Facebook page they like, what is their sex, age group, and geographical area. We can write down on any sheet to remember this research to target further. 

You can also take help from Google on what kind of audience is interested in your business model. The research will help to target precise audiences and the chance to convert them into the lead.

2. Attract Your Customer by presenting an OFFER

Undoubtedly it is no less than a fact that offers attract customers. Give your best and most valuable offers/s in your ads. This may tempt the viewers to see the ad at least for a few seconds. The offer may be in the form of either any FREE gift, FREE eBook, or any free valuable thing which solves the user’s need. 

By giving such free offers, the user may take an interest in your ad and do sign up for your product. This is what is called a lead magnet process/method. After the lead magnet, you can show them paid products. Because the customer already knows you and is attracted to your Free offer. 

Let’s understand this with a small example:

Let’s suppose you are selling a 7-Day free Facebook lead generation course. ‘FREE’ is the offer that attracts the user. Assume that you have acquired 1000 leads from this lead generation ad. This phase is called a lead magnet.

Now you have acquired 1000 leads from a 7-day free Facebook course, you can now re-target these 1000 customers to sell your paid eCommerce Facebook courses. 

This phase is called a sales funnel. 

3. Attractive Ad creative and ad copies

Let your ad be active and displayed on the front of the user. Now, why does the user engage with it? Your ad creative should speak about the value of your product. Your Ad copies and creatives really affect the CPC(Cost per Click).

Your Ad creative and ad copy should be eye-catchy. So design the ad creative in an attractive manner and write simple ad copies in simple English. 

Pre-Launching Phase: Before launching an ad on Facebook, make a  collection of primary text, headlines, descriptions, and creatives. 

Launching Phase:  Launch your first Facebook ad for lead generation by choosing the best creative ad copy from buffer media.

Post-Launching Phase: In this phase, you can test some different ad copies and creatives which were not performed well earlier. 

4. Attractive Landing page.

Now the user clicks on the ad and moves to your landing page. Here it is a high chance that a user may convert into the lead if your content on landing is convincing and valuable. So provide more clarification on your product on the landing page which solves the user problem and suits this product/service best for him.

Here the user will make a decision whether he is interested in your product or leave the landing page. You may add some convincing popup windows to stop leaving the user so that he signs up for your service while leaving. 

5. Download/Fetch the Leads

As you are getting the leads you can download the lead details. 

Following are steps to download the lead details:

  1. Click on the Facebook page.
  2. Click on the Publishing Tool.
  3. Click on the Lead Form.
  4. Click on the Download.

By these above steps, all the leads will download in excel format.

Facebook Page


Once your Facebook lead generation campaign is successfully running and you are getting a good amount of leads, do communicate them via either email or telephone. Through this process, you can give more clarity of your business model and working process to the client for acquiring the leads. 

As your Facebook leads generation is kept on increasing the budget gradually gets more leads. By this you will acquire good email collection further the process will remain the same to pitch the client.

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