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How to use SEO Outreach to create valuable backlinks ?

To get high-quality content backlinks for your personal website or for your client’s website, outreach is the key strategy. We can also say that “SEO Outreach is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign”.

The goal of doing Outreach is to create high-quality backlinks for the website that will further help in improving its visibility on the search engine. If you are successful in researching the high-quality websites and able to create backlinks on it then you will definitely see the major improvements in terms of traffic, leads and profit.

To create quality backlinks, generate a list of the email addresses that you will use for outreaching. To do that, you need to follow a process. 

  • Create a list of seed URLs from Google
  • Create a list of sorted URLs by using
  • Create the final list of URLs for outreach
  • Generate the list of emails 
  • Create an engaging email template

Here, we are sharing a step by step process that we used for our client while searching for high-quality websites for their 

Before proceeding with the process, you need to add an extension with the name “Ginfinity chrome plugin” to your chrome browser. 

“This plugin is helpful for the infinite scroll on Google Search Results that improve your browser experience”

SEO Outreach

(A) Create a list of seed URLs from Google

Step1: Search your “Keyword” on

After doing it, enable the “Ginifinty” plugin and scroll the Google search result page.  This will help you to get all of the results pages on a single page more than 10 search results.

SEO Outreach

Step2: Bookmark the tab and then go to the “More” option and insert the Javascript code

SEO Outreach

Now click on the “bookmark” available on the right corner of the window and then open the web page that you have bookmarked. 

SEO Outreach

Copy the list and make a Google sheet to place the data. You can name the tab as “Seed Lists”

SEO Outreach

(B) Create a list of sorted URLs by using

Step3: Now, insert the list of URLs into the “Batch Analysis” tool of

Batch Analysis Tool can help you quickly compare the metrics of up to several hundred URLs or domains at a time. Once analyzed, you will be able to see a number of SEO metrics like organic traffic, number of referring domains, backlinks, etc. 

From there, you will get a list of more URLs. Export the list of URLs.

SEO Outreach

After exporting the list, place that URLs in the sheet and named that particular tab as “Seed Analysis”.

Keep these points in mind while sorting the sheet:

  • Order the list into highest to lowest number of do-follow  links.
  • Delete anything below 20.
  • If this is more than ⅓ the total list, go back to step one, find another search term and continue back to this step. Add the new list to this one.
  • Delete all the root domain websites.

SEO Outreach

Step4: Now, put each of these URL from the above list in the “Site Explorer Tool” of

Check out  the backlink profile of each URL and export the CSV list of “Do Follow Backlinks” (one link per domain) from there. 

SEO Outreach

(C) Create the final list of URLs for outreach

Step5: After exporting CSVs for all of the URLs, combine them into one. 

To combine all CSVs into one, follow the below instructions:

If you’re on windows and all the exported lists are in one folder by themselves, we can get command prompt to merge all these CSV’s together for us.

I like to keep a folder for CSV’s  in the root folder to make this easier with C:\merge

  1. Press the Windows key and type “run”
  2. Type: “CD merge”
  3. Next: “Copy *.csv merged.csv”,  where “merged” is the name of the new CSV.
  4. Press enter and you’re done.

Once you’ve done this, all your CSV’s files will now merge into one main CSV file.

Step6: Now, create a new tab in the sheet and name it as “Outreach lists”. In this tab, import the data of one main CSV. 

Then, sort the sheet by following the below instructions:

  • Set the order of the spreadsheet on column A to Z. This will bring up all of the non-required columns headers which we should be deleted.
  • Now freeze the top row and order Z-A on Domain Rating.
  • The websites which are having low Domain Authority (less than 10) will be deleted as it will provide no trust.   
  • The websites which have high domain authority (higher than 75) will also be deleted as it’ll likely be difficult to reach out to these sites.
  • Everything else that remains in the CSV is the final list which is ready to be used.

The final sheet of URLs will look like this:

SEO Outreach

(D) Generate a list of emails for outreach

Step7: For exporting the email list, you need to use a software “Buzzstream”. Put the list of URLs from the outreach list to the Buzz Stream tool and export the list of emails.

SEO Outreach

(E) Create an engaging email template

Step8: Create an outreach email. Have a look at the template that will help you in creating your outreach email.

Hey, I stumbled your great blog about [link to target blog]. Great job!

Recently, I created something similar: [link to your blog]

Would you mind checking it out and maybe, linking in your blog or sharing on social? Thanks!


[Your Name].

This template has worked for our client. 

Through this outreach strategy, we have created a lot of high-quality contextual backlinks for our client which has helped to increase their business visibility and productivity. 

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