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5 Sturdy SEO Trends Dominating The Digital Market In 2023

Sturdy SEO Trends Dominating The Digital Market

Since the pandemic hit the globe in 2020, there has been constant turmoil in the business world. We have been on the war front since then. Talking about the digital world of business, one such core battle zone is SEO.

Everyone wants to be on top of SERPs, and the SEO industry is very impulsive. As we all know, Google keeps updating its algorithm from time to time, and therefore, we need to update our SEO strategies accordingly to be persistent with our search engine ranking. Today, SEO techniques are so different than they were years ago, and the market is so unstable that if SEO remains inactive for a year, you’ll sense a whole generation gap in the strategies. Hence, it’s crucial to stay awake.

This article will enlighten you about the newest SEO trends dominating the market in 2023 to increase your online presence. Furthermore, this will help you attract new clients with influential and targeted content and establish local significance in your area. We bring up some of the most potent SEO trends and tactics you should implement to outperform in 2023.

1. Core Web Vitals: Core Web Vitals are a new hot trend in the SEO community. You can fix your poor user experience with it. It is a set of important ranking variables that Google uses to evaluate the overall user experience on any website. These factors ensure that no user visiting your website should take an early exit due to poor page experience.

Core Web Vitals is a set of three measures of speed and interaction; largest contentful paint (LCP), first input delay (FID), and cumulative layout shift (CLS).

LCP defines the time it takes to upload the largest content on a page.
FID evaluates the time a site takes to respond to a user’s first interaction.
CLS focuses on the number of layout modifications the page has had over its lifetime.

As they are now a pivotal ranking factor for Google search as a part of page experience signals, improving your Core Web Vitals will have a tangible impact on your search engine performance. Although this technique requires skilled developers, there are some free tools like Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insights that will help identify the areas you need to improve.

2. People Also Ask: One of the most common search features to use is people also ask. You must have seen those useful drop-down accordions showing up relevant answers to your query while you Google something. This section of SERPs is called People Also Ask.

People Also Ask

The search engine recently added this feature to provide customers with on-demand, real-time information. Without having to browse through website after website, these drop-down boxes can significantly help users to view important information relevant to their query.

According to a study, out of 2.5 Million searches, 48.4% were based on “people also ask.” To top the SERP ranking, you must answer frequently asked questions. To get your hands on it, you can use a keyword tool to find the right keywords your users might be searching for and include them in your answers. Be sure to include your content’s queries in H2s and H3s or create a FAQ section. This is a wonderful way to increase your SERP’s visibility in 2023, even if the web page where you provided your answers ranks lower on search engines.

3. Google’s EAT Concept: Your website runs based on the quality of your content. Google uses EAT criteria to determine whether your site provides relevant content. EAT stands for; Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

Initially, it was easy to buy a well-established or keyword-rich domain name for your page and sacrifice its originality. Thanks to Google’s algorithm, the domain name has no more impact on your search engine rankings. The EAT concept has replaced it. Now you have to work on your branding, accountability and authorship. EAT is a huge part of an effective SEO strategy. This also refers to creating long-term content for your website. You can improve your EAT if you follow the guidelines given below:

  • Create unique and authentic content that people are searching for.
  • Provide your source’s references.
  • Make sure the author’s bio represents their level of experience.
  • Useless advertisements, paid link campaigns, auto-generated material, or openly “salesy” content should all be avoided.

Furthermore, if your website has insensitive content, Google’s algorithm will push your website to the lowest placements in SERP layers, which will negatively impact your ranking and, thus, image. Therefore, you must be careful to create user-friendly, unique, and error-free content. False information can be disastrous for your site and eventually attract bad reviews. As a result, users will dump your site if you don’t create clean content.

4. Video SEO: Videos are a popular marketing tool in today’s modern business era. People tend to watch videos over text to gain information. Therefore, it is no surprise that video marketing is snowballing, and so is video SEO.

video SEO

Let’s face you with a fact today. Per the fresh SEO stats, there are currently 800 million Youtube videos, with more than 37 Million active channels. Also, as per the latest study, it is estimated that by the end of the year 2023, video content will account for 82% of all global IP traffic. Hence it is critical to have SEO strategies that include videos if you want to be placed as high as possible in SERP.

With the introduction of Google’s MUM algorithm favoring videos, optimizing your video content for search engines is crucial. You can achieve this by adding relevant keywords to each video title and description, thus fascinating more clients.

How To Optimize Your Videos For Effective SEO?

To achieve successful SEO, follow the steps:

  • Firstly, pick a focus keyword as usual.
  • Optimize your title and description.
  • Pick suitable tags.
  • Create an exciting and entertaining script for a video.
  • Create longer-form videos.
  • Retain people’s attention with gestures and other tricks.
  • Encourage participation with CTA like “Click subscribe/like to.
  • Make a compelling and captivating thumbnail.
  • Create playlists.
  • Create backlinks for your video, just like you do it for articles.
  • Use social media to share and promote your video material.
  • Must include closed captions.

5. Refreshing Already Existing Content: As they say, there is always a chance to improve. So refreshing your website’s existing content is one of the simplest and easiest ways to optimize your website for better ranking, yet it is the most common to overlook. Keeping your website fresh with regular assessments is one of the best SEO companies in Mohali and trends that can help you rank your website high, attract more visitors, and, thus, comprise more revenue.

All website owners should go back and polish their content with better writing, additional details (such as facts or stats), impressive images or videos, etc., or you can just rephrase the entire article. Either way, people will keep coming back to your website thinking it’s new, and they might further share it on social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), gaining more visitors.

Don’t Lose Sight Of Traditional SEO

We understand that all these new SEO trends are pretty tempting and worth investing your time and money; we also recommend you not disregard the traditional SEO tactics and its efforts. After all, the major reason you decide to invest in this strategy is to increase your visibility, website traffic, and sales by getting more exposure on search engines like Google. Therefore, you need not entirely redesign the SEO wheel.

raditional SEO tactics

Which Traditional SEO Factors Never Run Out Of Fashion?

Quality Content: Overall high-quality content will always receive some sort of benefit in your Google search results ranks, just like the EAT appreciates credibility and authority of content. Keep answering your user’s queries with reliable data, and you’ll be surprised to see the constant website traffic, improved SERP rankings, and greater conversions.

On-Page SEO: On-page SEO examines every small element of your website, including the content, picture alt text, page speed, load times, and more. Carefully building all these crucial elements will provide your users with the best experience possible.

Backlinks: Although they have recently become a debatable subject, backlinks are still very much a part of the SEO world. Instead of selecting “link schemes” and “link farms” to purchase low-quality backlinks, the emphasis should be gathering and earning high-authority ones. Google also dislikes links that have poor-quality material.

Technical SEO: Technical SEO considers the optimization of all the factors that enables search engine spiders to crawl your website. This covers site structure, navigation, mapping, and server improvements. All of this comes together to make a clear trail for these “bots” to follow as they map out your website and learn more about you. You won’t be indexed correctly if your technical SEO strategy is weak.


SEO is no news if you run an online business. You will gain recognition only if you are visible to your customers. It’s high time you start investing your valuable resources in SEO strategies. Don’t be wrong-headed with it being a cakewalk. It demands expertise. Trust the expert opinion like ROI Minds. Our CEO, Mr Sandeep Kumar, has been in this industry for over a decade now and knows all the pros and cons of the market. Together with his incredibly gifted team of professionals, he works hard to provide clients with 100% success rates.

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