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Best eCommerce PPC Management Tips To Revamp Your Overall ROI

Doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran in the business line or an amateur, but a true entrepreneur inside you will always be eager to learn new things. An entrepreneur never misses a chance to grasp tactics that would help them to double, triple, or even seven times the ROI. This is an indispensable piece of writing that lets you know about the critical points of eCommerce PPC management and some PPC practices that can be a game changer for you and your business. Let’s start.

What Is PPC Marketing?

PPC is an online marketing technique for eCommerce stores through which an advertiser pays a certain amount of fee to Google each time a user clicks on their ad.

The most common and popular form of PPC is search engine advertising or Google ads, where advertisers pay Google for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links. This works when a user searches for a specific keyword related to your business. For example, if we bid on the keyword ‘white-label services,’ our ad might appear at the top of the Google result page, thus driving more traffic to our website. The thought of paying Google for an ad might elude you for a while, but if PPC works correctly and makes several clicks on your ad, it’s all worth it. The number of visits your website gets is much more than what you pay. Assume we pay $4 for one click, but the total clicks result in $400 sales, which means we have made a massive profit.

Creating a winsome PPC campaign includes many facets, like researching and selecting the right keywords, organizing them into well-organized campaigns and ad groups, and finally setting up the PPC landing page optimized for conversions. Your creativity also benefits you by being charged considerably less by Google for an ad click if you create relevant and intelligently targeted PPC campaigns.

What Is PPC Marketing

How Can We Increase Our Sales With PPC Marketing?

Companies make a decent ROI on every spent on PPC advertising. However, there’s always room for improvement. So keep upgrading your PPC marketing performance to boost your sales. Here are a few tips that can help you revamp your overall ROI.

1. Remove Low-Performing Keywords

Every PPC campaign has to suffer a lot with low-performing keywords. Companies need to look at the targeted keywords, identify the ones degrading the campaign’s performance and remove them. The indications for low-performing keywords are:

  • Low Impressions
  • Low Clicks
  • Low Conversions

You typically find the keywords with a mix of these indications. For example, you might have a keyword that gets hundreds of impressions but zero clicks. Or, you might find a keyword that generates clicks but no conversions. So, it’s smarter to switch them up a bit and add better-performing keywords.

2. Optimize PPC Bids With Manual Bidding

This tip focuses on bidding strategy while designing PPC campaigns. Even while Google Ads offers automatic bidding alternatives, manual bidding gives your company the most control. You must review your campaigns frequently if you choose to improve your PPC performance with manual bidding. Skipping campaign check-ins might result in over- or under-bidding, which can reduce your ROI.

Start a PPC optimization strategy by focusing on campaigns that have at least 30 days of data, as it provides you with information that helps you set your bids. 

After finishing research and calculations, switch to manual bidding in Google ads. 

  • Select Your Campaign.
  • Click On the ‘Settings’ On the Right-Hand Sidebar Menu.
  • Choose ‘Bidding’ & ‘Change Bid Strategy’.
  • Select ‘Manually Set Bids’ From the ‘How Do You Want To Get Conversions’ Dropdown Menu.
  • Click ‘Save.’

After updating your settings, select ‘keywords’ from the menu bar. Then update your max bid for each keyword and save changes.

3. Design A Dedicated Landing Page

A landing page is where you send your buyer when they click on your PPC ads. Landing pages play a critical role in your PPC performance. You must design a relevant, fast, and functional landing page if you want your campaign to perform well. A dedicated landing page helps you with improvement in impressions, clicks, and conversions. While designing a landing page, keep the following in mind.

  • Is the page relevant to your ad?
  • Does the page load fast?
  • Does the page load correctly on different devices like phones and tablets?
  • Is the page easy to navigate and use?
  • Does the page copy elaborate on the ad copy?

4. Experiment With A New Ad Copy

Ad copy is the one that can make or break your entire campaign. Drafting and testing a new ad copy is a PPC tip that you cannot ignore. You can motivate your users to click and act on your ad when you try new and different headlines and descriptions. While writing an ad copy, follow the tips given below.

  • Include power words like “free,” “simple,” or “guaranteed.”
  • Mention the number of satisfied clients or shipped orders.
  • Talk directly to users by addressing them as “you.”
  • Add targeted keywords.
  • Target emotions or emotional issues, like help in household cleaning.

5. Update Account Structure

Account structure might get disorganized over time, even if you master it. Therefore, it is suggested that you must keep a regular check on your account structure. This PPC tip will help you enhance your PPC campaign. For reference, Google ads use the following account structure.

  • Ad Accounts
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups
  • Ads
  • Keywords

6. Get A PPC Audit

To increase PPC performance, a professional review can help your business discover ways to set up effective campaigns and strategies. Conducting an in-house PPC audit will be pretty challenging as you are already upset with the campaign’s poor performance. With a PPC auditor, you get a fresh perspective and second opinion; in some cases, you receive a free PPC audit. Research your expert PPC audit choices today to get a head start on a poorly performing PPC campaign.

With the following PPC campaign optimization tips we provided, you can get better results from online advertising, which will help you increase your sales and generate high revenue.

Get A PPC Audit

What Types Of eCommerce Marketing Services Help In Raise Sales?

Increasing sales and driving more traffic to your eCommerce store is the ultimate goal for any marketing campaign and can be accomplished with eCommerce marketing services which include:

  • eCommerce SEO: Two-thirds of Google users conduct an online search before purchasing, which means placing on top in Google search matters.
  • Paid Media: It is a great strategy that helps in generating leads. With this approach, we can make the products available to the right customers at the right time.
  • Content Marketing: Digital world has its limitations regarding online shopping. People can not have real-time interaction with the vendor and their products. That is why content is their only hope of attracting buyers. Content marketing is distributing your product and services to customers by informing them about your product through blog posts, infographics, or videos. 
  • Social Media Marketing: We all know the power of social media. About half of social media users buy a product after watching an ad on Facebook. Also, many users click on Instagram ads to buy a product.

What Is eCommerce PPC Management?

As the name suggests, eCommerce PPC management is managing and controlling an eCommerce company’s PPC ad spend. This process involves the strategy-making, ad buying, and execution of the ad plan while minimizing the overall expenditure. Effective PPC management requires constant monitoring. Therefore, it can either be done by the eCommerce owner or vendor themselves, or they may hire a specialized team of experts to manage PPC buys on the company’s behalf. 

Around 70% of small to mid-sized businesses are investing in PPC marketing. PPC is one of the biggest traffic and revenue drivers for all eCommerce businesses. To get ahead of your competitors, you need to strategize PPC marketing precisely, especially in the eCommerce sector.


If you are a newbie in the eCommerce industry, you strongly need an eCommerce marketing service to help you build an image in public. People who prefer online shopping need something to trust you and your products. We suggest you hire a Google PPC agency with prior field experience, and that can help you throughout the process with their team of experts. Handling everything on your own might cost you higher because neither you have any knowledge and experience in it nor do you have enough in-house resources. So, to save you time and money, a PPC marketing agency will be best for you. 

Feel free to contact ROI Minds, a leading digital marketing agency that strives to increase your sales twice, thrice, or even 7X with our immensely talented team of more than 40 experts. We collaborate with you to design customized marketing strategies per your needs and goals. We specialize in developing strategies that increase web traffic and revenue for your eCommerce business. Our eCommerce services include SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, eCommerce PPC services, white-label marketing, etc. With ROI Minds, you don’t have to worry. Trust us, and we’ll prove that you bet on the right horse.

Sales & Marketing

How To Advertise Cryptocurrency?

If talking about marketing, there are several strategies created by marketing managers’ on a regular basis to emphasize reaching the top level in any way they can, on social networks and gaining a substantial number of members in their chat communities. 

The goal is entirely exact if you want to set your motive or aim on the superficiality that the most purposeful thing is to elevate the number of followers to 50,000. However, don’t be surprised if your publications hardly have three likes and might have no comments.

Crypto Marketing: The Right Approach

If your project intends to deliver a real solution to people’s problems, you are required to be precise with your plan and go beyond creating ads. For instance, you can get ads created from facebook ad agency india and pay for the rest of the advertising services. In your strategy crypto marketing, you majorly need to overlook the number of followers and emphasize on the most crucial aspects that your project demands:

Here are some additional means to advertise your cryptocurrency to the masses as Google and others restrict cryptocurrency.

With the current restrictions on cryptocurrency ads joined with the upsurge in the popularity of ICOs, crypto companies need to be more creative to lead the competition. In addition, it influences a global audience with its reach outside the cryptocurrency industry.

If you have experience in the functionalities of crypto, wallet, ICO, or exchange ads, then you are well aware of the disappointment of getting display ad rejection emails repeatedly.

Based on the achievements as well as failures, you need to compile a list of leading advertising platforms that have been super active along with their advantages on cryptocurrency.

Microsoft Ads

The Microsoft Advertising, which earlier was Bing Ads, offers pay-per-click advertising on both Bing as well as Yahoo!, The two leading search engines after Google.

It might seem quite a surprise as Microsoft, like all the other major digital advertising platforms, has a strict cryptocurrency policy. But the agency has got quite a bit of success in getting cryptocurrency-related ads agreed upon.


  • Since Microsoft powers both yahoo! And Bing, as well as partner portals of its own, you can reach 33% of the overall search engine share. So if your ads are running properly, it can give a blockchain business the capacity to spread and reach well out there in the crypto industry.
  • Instant review and approval process. If you are working with cryptocurrency ads, tinkering along with the ad to watch what is going for the approval that needs a quick evaluation course. While platforms, for instance generally, Google can take numerous days to evaluate reviewed ads, Microsoft has a much faster turnaround.
  •  Furthermore, your dollar will go beyond because bids on Bing are significantly cheaper than on Google Ads.


Quora is one of the leading online communities for Questions and Answers and one of the finest-quality user-created content platforms. It offers a platform where people can ask queries and get solutions from some of the most reliable sources. 

With over 200 million exclusive regular visitors searching to get valuable information reliably, it gives a major opportunity to display your company’s proficiency through ads.


  • Quora is exclusive because it offers advertisers the capability to create credibility in the eyes of an audience while deepening the research. As a result, it helps construct authority as well as credibility on subjects, drive traffic through web advertising companies in India, and eventually lift conversions.
  • Quora is one of the leading platforms that permits advertising for cryptocurrencies and has a huge following of crypto supporters.


Reddit is a platform where you can catch the news, communicate with like-minded people about your favorite topics, pick up suggestions for your newest project, and market your business. 

Reddit is the 13th-most famous website in the United States, producing more than 1.5 billion visits yearly as of August 2018. famous as the de facto message board of the Internet,  ecommerce advertising agencies have developed in prominence and popularity in new years. 

Pointing selections mostly rotate around choosing related subreddits to show your content.


  • With hundreds of gears on changing topics, Reddit is simple to shift from side to side and discover the topics that are significant to your business. It is great for aiming at the cryptocurrency community; however, it is also beneficial in testing which other communities are accessible on the platform of the ads.
  • The Reddit community is one of the leading online platforms, with numerous of its users on the early end of the spectrum. You can generate a cult-like following for your cryptocurrency if you get the correct subreddit and marketing skills.


AdRoll is the world’s most active retargeting platform. When running main ad campaigns to examine and understand audiences interested in your blockchain technology, AdRolls has remarkably advanced the tracking software.


  • AdRoll is exceptional in progressive aiming techniques, for instance, customer geo-targeting, segmentation, and more. With the platform, you can aim or exclude website visitors based on their actions, form groups of users established on purchase intent, and set up progressive conversion tracking rules.
  •  Certainly the frontrunner when it is about to retarget platforms and get an average ROI of 1,000% based on an average of $10 for every single $1 spent.

SEO For Cryptocurrency

Search Engine Optimization is the prime long-term digital marketing strategy that has been established over time and time again. If you optimize your content, you could drive more traffic to your business over the period. 

Of course, quality SEO has long been foundational to businesses for a long-term digital marketing approach. Moreover, it is essential for elevating the growth of cryptocurrency businesses that want to be constantly relevant during the upsurge as well as the fall of cryptocurrency hype.

Black Hat Marketing 

Have you ever encountered a website of the new business’s landing on the leading page of Google’s search results almost after a week when it delivers its internet marketing efforts to a company? It happens when a business involves a “black hat” marketer.


It is beneficial in the marketing campaign of a business. Its tactics are based on developing as well as implementing approaches to achieve its goals.

  • Black Hat Marketing exploits the mistakes in search engines to reach reliable results in terms of digital outreach as well as reputation.
  • It aims at designing a website so that it can be more accessible on search engines and achieve a high rating on such search engines.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are the most prominent, for instance, black hat marketing tactics.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a well-established space created with and through influencers to drive brand goals to your and their target audiences.

Influencer marketing is parallel to word-of-mouth marketing, but it doesn’t count only on detailed recommendations.

Influencers can come from a varied range of places. Any individual, brand, group, or place could potentially be an influencer.

Usually, engaged audiences track these content creators. Collaborating with them across diverse platforms of social media enables your business to grow, enhance brand awareness, and create new leads for your sales funnel with buyer personas.

You can use influencer marketing as either a separate tool or as a way to emphasize your other marketing campaigns.


  • Awareness and its reach
  • Build trust and credibility Enrich your content
  • Approach Win-win long-term
  • Partnerships Lift ROI, SEO, and
  • Bottom line Drive buying decisions
  • Boost sales Saves Time and cost-effective
  • Unlimited Sharing Potential On Social Platforms
  • Appropriate for any Business
  • Escalate brand

Main Cryptocurrency Advertising Platforms

The limit of cryptocurrency ads united with the elevated popularity of crypto has generated quite a few ad links dedicated to crypto ads. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Coinzilla
  • Cointraffic
  • TokenAd
  • Biggio


  • You will have no issue getting the approval of your cryptocurrency ad and running while using one of these stages.
  • Drives an extremely targeted audience of cryptocurrency to your site. These platforms work with the leading websites from the finance as well as cryptocurrency industries and, as a result, showcase your ads in front of vastly engaged target audiences interested in your product as well as your business.

To Sum Up

Cryptocurrency is a type of market packed with several projects; on the other hand, if you wish to highlight your cryptographic project, be reliable and regularly cherish the relationship with your clients. 

Google Ads

How to Turn Your COLD Traffic into GOLD with Google Ads?

Do you want to increase the number of conversions for your Google Ads? If the answer is yes, GDN is the saviour for you, but many people have trouble making Google Display Network work for them, so I wanted to share a strategy working well for many of our eCommerce clients. Let’s elaborate on this proven strategy in detail.  

There’s a trick! You have to spend a lot of cold traffic to your online eCommerce PPC management and then warm it up and convert them.

The most common mistake most marketers make is catching the conversions with the cold traffic. The typical COLD Traffic conversion rates are around 1-2%, whereas you can get up to 60% and 70% conversion rates by remarketing.

Here are the Four Steps to Warm Up Your Traffic and Turn it into Customers

STEP 1: Send Cold Traffic to Amazing Content Pages

Show display ads to Cold traffic to send visitors to some awesome pre-sales content pages that give immediate practical value to your ideal customer.

Instead of sending cold traffic directly to a sales page where you offer something, you need to give VALUE to your customers. For example, you need to address their pain points or say you need to provide solutions to their problems. So, give some initial value to your Cold Traffic by directing them to some awesome content pages that offer value to your future customers.

In this way, you can build your relationship and trust by giving an amazing value and getting your cold audience to begin the process of liking and trusting you or your brand.

Ideally, your content will also spread awareness and knowledge of the issues and make your visitors aware that your solution to their problems exists.

Here is a sample for you:

Now, you can analyze the user behaviour on the pre-sales page and segment the audience based on session duration, bounce rate, etc. Use this audience later on and send them on your sales page.

STEP 2: Segment your Hot Traffic from your Warm Traffic

Some of your traffic may go from COLD to WARM and HOT very quickly, and be ready to buy, call, subscribe, signup, download, etc., it can happen within a few minutes to days after clicking on your ad.

There may be only 5% – 15% of your hot traffic, but if they’ve demonstrated that they’re interested, you can retarget them directly with a specific offer.

Most of the white label PPC management services won’t be ready to turn from cold to warm that fast, and you’ll need to warm them up. So, the best approach is to segment your audience!!!

Setup Your Hot audience in Google Ads/Google Analytics and retarget them

You can set up an audience directly into Google Ads or your Google Analytics account and use them in your display campaigns. Your Hot traffic would be the people who know your brand, done Add to carts, initiated checkouts, cart abandonment, etc. 

STEP 3: Show Offer Ads to Your Hot traffic to Power Up Your Funnel

You can target your hot traffic by showing them customized ads with special offers such as 10 to 20% discount offers, etc.

You can also launch a Dynamic Remarketing campaign which will work as per the interaction of visitors with your product pages.

STEP 4: Show Value Ads to Warm Traffic to Build More Value & Trust

Your cold traffic will need more value and time before they are ready to make a purchase. For example, it could be 80% – 90% of your traffic. So, you need to retarget your warm traffic with more value.

To give value, you need to show your testimonials, social proofs, etc. and build a relationship with them through different ad creatives such as images and videos.

In a nutshell, firstly, you have to bring relevant cold traffic to your website/eCommerce store, warm it up by giving value and then retarget it.

So, you can scale your conversions in Google Ads if you can target hot, warm, and cold audiences effectively with the Display network, too, apart from utilizing Search and Shopping. All you have to do is segment the traffic, use different creatives and landing pages accordingly and remarket them to ascend your sales funnel.

You can utilize the Discovery Ads as well by using this similar strategy but with different creatives. Want to know more about it? Let me know in the comments section, and I’ll share the complete strategy with you!