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6 Tips To Dramatically Boost Your Sales Using Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is a technique that is used to increase the number of visitors by designing pages in a user-friendly way and making changes in the content according to the user search intent.

For example, your search for a keyword shows an ad and you find that ad interesting. It appeals to you so much that you are not able to resist clicking it, after clicking that ad you are directed to the landing page and experience a good user interface along with a piece of relevant information that perfectly matches your search query.

This happens with every one of us, isn’t it?

Furthermore, it is likely for you to stay on the page for a longer period than expected. It means that you might take the desired action as everything is relevant. But, if the landing page is not relevant to your searched keyword and contains irrelevant info as well as bad user experience, you will likely bounce back in a short period.

In simple words, optimizing your PPC landing pages results in increased conversion rate, better quality scores, and maximized ROI.


To optimize landing pages take a look at the following:

1. Relevancy 

The content provided on your landing page must be relevant to the keywords you choose along with the ad copies you create. Any visitor will feel less confident to purchase/take any action on the landing page if the ad copy and landing page content do not match.

For Example, your ad copy has a headline stating ‘Affordable Hotel Rooms In Manali’ but when you reach the landing page it shows the opposite, let’s say “Luxury 5 Star Rooms In Manali” There is no relevance here.

Count on us, as a user we will get a little disappointed!

You can convince a user to click on the ad, but if that content doesn’t match your service, you lose a lead as well as cost on that click.

landing page relevance roi minds

2. Design

The design of the landing page must be user-friendly, eye-catching, and professional that matches your brand requirements something that does not scare the users.

The things that you must consider are easy navigation, good images or animation, matching color schemes, contrast, and keeping the images, and content organized.

Here is an example of a landing page that is poorly designed & will scare the users.

landing page good design

3. CTA 

A Call to Action button is a must on your landing pages. We need to have one.  Remember, your CTA should not be boring like click here, call now, in fact, it should be unique enough to hit the psychology of the users.

It should be placed above the fold on your landing page to gain more visibility & attention.

The color contrast of the CTA button must also be visible, vibrant, and more dominant than the colors used on the landing page.

A better CTA button will help you a lot because it acts as the main action you want users to take when they come to your landing page.

4. Build Credibility  

People always look for social proof to get an insight into the product or service. You should add the top reviews of your products and services, social media mentions, video testimonials, etc on your landing page to earn the trust of the customers.

You can also add social media buttons that direct the users to the social media pages of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, and can help them know more about your product/service.

5. Speed 

According to Google, 53% of users bounce back from the website after 3 seconds of loading time. So website speed also matters a lot, no one likes slow websites as people always tend to close slow-loading websites & switch to other web pages available in the search results.

They say, ‘time is money’ fits perfectly for this type of scenario.

6. Lead Forms

The lead generation forms available on the landing page must not be very complex, but they should be designed in such a way that the user does not experience filling out a complex government form that is full of confusion resulting in loss of leads.

A good lead form should not have too many complex fields but limited fields which are also useful & easy to fill up by the customer. You should not use too many compulsory fields as it takes too much time and is sometimes confusing for the user. There should not be too much text in the form.

We should have a proper thank you page designed on which people land after filling out the lead form, as designing thank you pages is helpful to track your leads and also be used to upsell. 

If your AdWords campaigns are not delivering desired results after using all PPC best practices,  maybe the reason is your landing page. So you should look into your landing page & optimize it as per the above requirements, this will surely help you to increase conversions & decrease the cost per click (CPC ) & cost per acquisition (CPA) resulting in profits.

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