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What Are The Benefits Of Advertising Online With Google Ads

Benefits Of Advertising Online With Google Ads

So Your friend’s business is having a blast with Google ads and now you want to step into the pool to catch the same fish.

STOP! Right There.

Before you plan to get going with google ads, let’s see how and why you should start with Google ads.

One key thing to understand is, Google ads will benefit you more when you are looking to expand your business or generate brand awareness or your business presence online but if you are just planning to try Google ads just because someone else made a profit with google ads then you are going to lose money.

Before getting started with google ads, you are going to need a plan. Without a proper plan, and an experienced person to run Google ads for you.

Yes, You heard it right! You need an experienced person or a digital marketing agency to run Google ads for your business because if it’s not as easy as it sounds and it requires tons of tiny little adjustments/optimization to outperform your opponents.

If you are a small to medium scale business owner and looking to expand your business online or even if you are just starting our, Don’t worry, You are in safe hands and we will help you out through this article and even you can talk to our Google Ads experts to get answers to your queries and a quote in case you are planning to run Google ads for your business by filling this form here.

Now, that you are interested in running Google ads to get the online spotlight for your business, it’s time to take a look at some of the features of Google ads that will benefit your business.

The top 5 benefits of advertising online with google ads?

  1. Faster Results compared to organic ways of marketing

If you are looking for fast results or looking to give your business a boost then Google ads can help you with the same. On the other hand, if you go with the organic ways of marketing such as SEO, results will there but after a long time.

If you are new to the business you can’t wait for months to organically spread the word about your business online so it’s better to get it going instantly with Google ads.

  1. Spread Limelight on your Brand

You can easily do brand awareness campaigns to get more reach and limelight on your business or products/services. 

You can run different campaigns for different purposes but if you are just looking to generate awareness about your business or trying to make an online presence, Google ads are a good way to do it.

Easy to Measure performance Google Analytics
  1. Easy to Measure performance

When you use native advertising methods, such as billboards, radios, tv broadcasts, you cant measure the performance of individual platforms, from which source the traffic is coming from.

Also, Google Analytics is a free tool to measure to performance of your ad campaigns and you can do optimization according to the user’s behavior and apply different strategies to convert prospects.

  1. Reconnect with visitors

When a user lands on your website to buy something and for any reason they leave, chances are, they will never return to complete the purchase. That’s a lost opportunity for sales.

But with Google retargeting campaigns, you are easily targeting those users again on different platforms and encourage them to complete the purchase.

  1. Right People at the Right Time

One of the benefits of Google ads is, prospects have higher buyer intent compared to other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Remember, they are searching for your products or services or keywords related to them and they are looking to buy them and your ad didn’t accidentally pop up in your feed, so you have a great opportunity to convert them.

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