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Best Ways to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates

Ways to ecommerce conversion rates

eCommerce business owners are always looking for opportunities to increase the conversion rate that helps to grow their business. Here most valuable tips for increasing the conversion rate for your site.

What Is a Conversion Rate:

Before proceeding you must understand what is a conversion rate and what is the average conversion rating that occurs in eCommerce sites? Basically, the conversion rate is defined as the percentage of users that visit your site and complete the desired action. For example, if you had 25 conversions from 1,000 visitors, your conversion rate would be 2.5%.

The average conversion rate on the eCommerce website is 1% to 2% but it totally depends on traffic quality. 

Here, take a read of 5 minutes to know how to improve the conversion rate of your website.

1. High-Quality Image: When you sell something online, users can’t touch your products so it’s essential your images should be attractive and should provide detailed information. Use multiple images for each product so users can check the product from every angle.

High-Quality Image

2. Product description: Product description matters a lot as it provides all the required information to users that they want to know before buying any product. Concise product information always contains the points mentioned below:

  • Who the product is for
  • What it will do
  • Why it’s good
Product Overview

3 Product videos: Along with the product images, a video also plays a vital role to improve the conversion rate because a video is the best source to show how you can use products and what is the end result you will get.

Product videos

4. Free Shipping Offer: According to marketing research 80% of users expect free shipping. If you don’t offer free shipping then there are higher chances to lose customers. Keep in mind free shipping is a psychological game. When a user doesn’t find a free shipping offer on your website they go on other sites to buy products.

5. Create Urgency: When users see any limited time offer on your website or some other type of urgency, it helps to take quick action from the user end without any distraction. It will help to boost your conversion rate.

Urgency image

6. Keep Competitively Price: When users buy any products they consider the product price a lot. They check the same product on different websites to compare product prices and complete USP. In the shopping ads, product price is visible along with the rest of the detail so it’s impacting the clicks through its rate too.

7. Reduce ACT Abandonment: ACT stands for add to cart, if you have a high rate of ACT abandonment, it means you are losing a customer who wants to buy your products. Below mentioned are the main reasons for the high ACT abandonment:

  •  High product price
  • Shipping cost
  • The too long and unconventional checkout process
  • Slow website loading speed
  • Asking too much of details

8. Concise Website Structure: Make sure your website structure should be very easy and clear that helps users to find any product without any hassle. In this era, every industry is full of competition so if any user will have trouble finding products on your website they will leave and go on another site. 

Concise website structure

9. Customers Review: A majority of the customers want to see reviews before buying any products. New customers are always curious to know what existing buyers are saying about the products. If you have a good review of the product it helps to boost the conversions rate.

Customer reviews

10. Optimize for Mobile Devices: With the advent of technology, 70% of the customers use the internet on their mobile device and if your website doesn’t provide a great experience with mobile usage you’re missing a large number of sales. So make sure your website is working fine on mobile devices. 


I hope these tips will help you to boost your eCommerce website’s conversion rate and make sure you don’t miss anything while creating your eCommerce online store. Meanwhile, in shopping ads do proper product segregation, target your potential customers, refine traffic quality, and optimize your product page which is quite essential to run elite shopping ads.

If this article was helpful to you, do let us know. We would love to hear from you! 

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