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Google Local Inventory Ads Guide

Google Local Inventory Ads Guide

If you are a retailer and looking to catch the attention of nearby buyers by offering ready-to-ship products then local inventory ads in google shopping ads are the best way to do so.

When shoppers click on your ad or a free listing of your products, they come across a Google-hosted page of your store where they can see the inventory, working hours, directions to your store, and more.

How to Set up Local Inventory ads for your store

To run local inventory ads, you need to have a Google ads account, Merchant center, and google my business locations. 

Google Ads Account 

You need to have a google ads account in order to set up local inventory ads, those ads accounts also need to be linked to the merchant center.

Merchant Center

A Merchant Center account is required to set up. Add your product feed and your brand logo to the merchant center.

Google My Business Locations

Google My Business Locations allows you to create your store’s unique identifier that you are going to need when creating your local feed. It also requires your business’s location so make sure you have everything ready to set it up.

After you have set up those accounts and link your google ads account with the merchant center you can enable Local Inventory ads from the merchant center by following these steps

  1. Sign in to your merchant center account
  2. From the navigation menu head to merchant center programs
  3. Click on Manage Programs
  4. You will see a Local inventory ads card, Click on that.
  5. Make sure all the qualification criteria are met
  6. Lastly, Click on that Plus button and choose the country in which your physical store is located.

Now you know what local inventory ads are and how you can set them up for your local store. It’s time to have a look at the best practices for local inventory ads.

Provide Proper Product feed

Before you start running ads, make sure that the product feed you have provided is correct and complete. Check out if the ads are displaying the correct information like title, images, and product name before you start with actual campaigns and start to put some serious money on the line.

Ensure your GMB Info is up to date and complete

Make sure that you have entered the correct information about your working hours, location and product availability, etc to help customers with the information they need. Wrong information may lead to bad impressions and lost sales.

Target Mobile shoppers

“Near Me” searches are increasing rapidly so make sure that you keep the mobile users in mind when deciding the budget for ads. People search “filling stations near me” more often on mobile than on PC. 

Maximize your Bids during your working hours

One of the main purposes of running local inventory ads is to bring the customers in the store so they can make the purchase so it makes sense to increase your bids during your working hours so you can get more customers to your store.

Create Seasonal Campaigns for high demands

When it’s the holiday season, everyone wants to get their gifts before the stores run out of stock. For example, when it’s the new year or Christmas, nobody wants to be leftover without something good and sales usually go up in holidays so it is advisable that you make separate seasonal campaigns to measure the performance and optimize according to make the most of it.

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