How to Advertise CBD Products Online

How to Advertise CBD Products Online
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How to Advertise CBD Products Online

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If you are selling products that include or consist of Cannabidiol(CBD), you probably have noticed that you can’t do direct paid advertising for the same on Google, Facebook, or Instagram. Those platforms have strict policies that need to be followed correctly and require a medical license for products like that.

Today we will talk about how you can market your CBD-related products without having to worry about account suspension or warnings.

Spoiler Alert: We will not discuss how to find loopholes in Google’s or Facebook ads policies but instead, we will talk about the other ways of listing or selling your products online.

Advertise CBD Products Online

CBD with SEO

We have made a list of things you can follow to do the right SEO for CBD-related products.

  • Look for Highly Searched Volume Keywords & Optimize Your Website Content Accordingly.
  • Find the Niche under which category your products fall in and start publishing High-quality content.
  • Understand what your customers actually want and write content accordingly  
  • Start investing time in researching more keywords and terms related to your products.
  • It’s good to analyze your competitors and try to figure out their strategies, maybe you will learn a trick or two.

Social media marketing

We can’t do paid advertising for CBD related products but we can implement a few strategies that fall under social media marketing such as-

  • Make a social media page or group and start posting interesting stuff in which people can show interest and participate. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day so be patient. 
  • Try to connect with other people who are engaged in the same type of business like yours and start promoting each other’s posts to get more followers that have a genuine interest in your products.
  • Focus on making posts that are engaging and serve an educational purpose instead of trying to make a post that tried to sell your products.

Influencer marketing

One of the great ways to get quality leads and followers for your products is to get in touch with influencers. According to a survey, nearly 74% of people buy products their influencers talk good about so what are you waiting for? 

Follow these guidelines to make the best out of it.

  • You will get Positive Sentiment Is In Your favor or in your product’s favor because whenever you are connecting with influencers and your products are genuine, they will only talk good about it.
  • When you are advertising your products through influencers you don’t need to worry about your posts or links getting removed. You can just sit back and relax.
  • By using influencers to promote your products, you are doing your business a favor because you are getting followers that are genuinely interested in your products, and there’s a good chance they will become your lifetime customers.
  • One of the great ways to get insights on what your potential customers would want is to let the influencers talk about your products and then check the feedback in comments or reviews provided by their followers.

Email marketing

Emails are a great way to get in touch with your potential customers, if you follow the below-mentioned guidelines, you will be able to boost your email marketing campaigns for all categories of products let alone CBD-related.

  • Make sure that you are giving a personalized touch to your emails, according to survey emails, personalized emails get better interaction and chances of conversion than the ones without them.
  • It’s important to know how to get your email list ready before you can start sending out emails, it’s a bad idea to buy an email list, but you can build your email list through social media posting or by getting influencers to work for you, surely your list will grow slowly but it’s better than buying email list any day in a week.
  • Don’t try to force sell your products through emails but try to focus on how your products can make their lives better instead.
  • Invest time in writing the quality script for your emails and subject line, if your prospects don’t find your subject line interesting or relatable, chances are your mail will never be read by them.


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